1 of 1 Lamborghini Aventador Carbonado EVO – The Black Diamond from MANSORY

MANSORY Carbonado EVO – Interior, Exterior, Sound and Drive Engine: V12, 6.5 L, 1250 Ps, 900 Nm Thank you very much ….

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  1. stell dir vor du willst mit sona karre nen dicken machen, und die leute lachen dich wg dem miesen sound aus ^^

  2. ลายเกร็ดมังกรช่างแม๊คที่เล่นพินก็ฝีมือดีครับลาวซีรีย์

  3. " Merry Christmas Misty MacAllister "
    " Katie and Laura's Satin Panties!"!♡"! "
    What would you Ladies like under your
    " Missle Toes? "
    Think of me as Santana Santa,
    Neal Patrick Fry from Soul Sacrifice,
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    Katie and Laura's Satin Panties Always
    " and Forever. "

  4. quien nos va dwfender dw la ocj, lonoscuro su enloquecimiento es umposible atrapar a esos otros de otros espacios, porqie no los verian

  5. I want to drive at the speed of light in that so I can go back to ancient Egypt and drive through the streets. Be hard to find a mechanic and a petroleum station

  6. จะเป็นเจ้ามือเองรับทุกราคารถคันนี้ไม่ไช่ E V0

  7. these things are getting uglier and uglier by the year. how many damn sharp edges are they going to add to this car.? they have ran out of designs and the only addition they can make to what was a beautiful car that are now in ruin is things you would find in a batman cartoon.

    couldnt pay me to buy this .. these things need to be a part of the met gala for cars


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