10 Features the Ford Bronco has that the Jeep Wrangler Needs

Competition is a great thing and the Jeep Wranglers for a long time has been leading the pack by having one of the most capable …

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  1. Thank you for videos like this! I really enjoy the comparisons between the two platforms and since you have both, you can give pros and cons of both. I look forward to another comparison after you've gotten a better feel for the Bronco. I really love my Jeep, but I agree that having the Bronco around will most definitely create a stir in competition in the aftermarket world and between the two companies. I do like the Bronco and agree that the 2 door version would be more ideal (at least it would be for me since I have a 2 door Jeep now). Thank you for this great video!

  2. I was contemplating between the 4Runner, Jeep and Bronco because I love all of them. Ended up ordering the Jeep Rubicon because the top comes off and the Bronco felt a bit big.

  3. Come on man. You’re talking about a ford product. Disposable and cheap. Your enthusiasm for this vehicle is alarming.

  4. Good to have competition for sure, but a lot of these features are unnecessary soccer mom luxuries I don’t want in a serious off road vehicle.

  5. Wranglers need rear airbags like Broncos. Since you can get a jeep easily, I would, but no kid protection.

  6. Wow, great video! You covered many features EVERYONE else missed. Your perspective as a true offroader really gave me a real appreciation of the thought that went into the Bronco!

  7. I feel the Bronco and Jeep are in different classes. Similar but different. The Bronco is more Tacoma/ 4Runner (ifs) with off roading capability while the Jeep is still the best choice should you want to do hardcore off road and flexing.

  8. The only problem is, it's a Ford and you know that independent suspension is going to fail on you at some point. Sure it rides smooth until it leaves you stranded in the desert. I'm surprised Ford brought that thing back after the previous bronco disaster. On a recent trip to Colorado, I pulled a new bronco out of some deep ruts with my Jeep 4xe. Sorry, staying away from fix or repair daily.

  9. Broncos are running 98k around Georgia. Rubicons are 75k. Dealers are tripping. No one is getting anything msrp.

  10. I appreciate your taking the Bronco out and giving a fair review. I do have one question, with IFS being a unique feature of the Bronco, why does everyone immediately compare the Bronco and the Jeep in a rock crawling setting only? Why isn’t there a Baja or trail run type of comparison? Do most Jeep owners focus mainly on rock crawling, or over landing, and trail riding. Just curious.

  11. World War 2 American icon doesn’t answer to this lol. Sure, it’s good the bronco came out because Jeep is getting away with murder for lack of options. But it is annoying that Ford fans are acting like the bronco has some amazing history when it doesn’t. It’s easy to mimic a icon after 60 plus years of being a powerhouse. I’m traditional and I love history. Something that has history and tradition has more weight. Someone coming in when they’ve been out of the game for all this time and then boosting they have some long rich history is a no go. I think that’s the only reason why I’m not a fan of the new bronco. Don’t come out acting like you’re some king of the off roading when you were absent all this time. Instead, come out and say hey we’re gonna compete and take it up a notch.

  12. Bought a 4xe in June, order’s going in on a Wildtrak tomorrow. It’s not that I dislike the Jeep, but the Bronco is just better in so many ways. Most of the reasons listed here are exactly why I’m making the change. Esp the frameless doors and mirrors on the A-Pillar. It’ll be a little bit of a wait, but I’m highly optimistic it’ll be a good choice.

  13. you mention in this video about liking the push button 4wd system on the bronco but shifting in to 4wd with a lever can be just a flick of the wrist. and generally the non electric is more reliable.

  14. The Bronco is nice but open the hood, the engine bay is a very huge mess. It's a nightmare to detail the engine. The engine itself does not have a cover. Wires, tubes and sockets are all over the place. Ford should do better.

  15. The ifs is limiting factor. With a solid axle swap its contender. Lite Brite did a good modified vs modified. Step child vs bronco. I still think jeep did better. If jeep haf the turning/ dig option that b sweet

  16. Im sticking with the Jeep camp but Bronco sure came out with some great ideas that Jeep needs to catch up on!

  17. Thanks for your review.. I don’t totally agree with your 10 but that is personal preference and that’s what makes them and us all different. Some things like the frameless doors make absolutely no sense for an off road vehicle and because of their design a hand crank version cannot be offered. There is no weight savings at all so the only real benefit is a more compact size but then anyone worried about that would just run 1/2 doors or trail doors on a Jeep. As for chucking the doors in the back to go wheeling, well that is just pointless to me.
    – I agree that the switch panel on the upper dash is neat BUT they have left nowhere to mount a rail system and of course the switches there would likely be in the way.
    – the upper panel is cool (I also have one there in my JK) but I actually prefer the switches lower. The Lights on switches up there is annoying and distracting at night when traveling ..
    – I like the idea of all the 360 camera view and the way they set them all up. FCA has the tech as it’s used in the other vehicles but can we afford to have even more features added.
    – Ah the mirror thing. Adamant trail riders hate the A pillar mount mirrors. Jeep doors come off, mirrors come off and out of the way. Mirrors can be mounted anywhere you like. Not an idea I would like Jeep to adopt and as long as the have a fold down windshield you won’t see mirrors on the A pillar.
    – IFS Ford can keep but as you see aftermarket SFA swaps for the Bronco have become a big thing. The proposed smoother ride has been reported to be no smoother then a Wrangler once the 35s and lift are on but is it really important, is it that much difference that it’s worth giving up the the SFA benefits for.
    – Seat comfort is a personal thing I think. I have no complaint with the leather Jeep seats for long distance travel. I have drive 25 hours in one stretch in my Jeep more then once without issue.


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