100,000 Mile Ford Raptor Review

I bought my 2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor 3 years ago with just under 57000 miles. The other day it crossed the 100000 mile mark …

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  1. I bought my 2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor 3 years ago with just under 57,000 miles. The other day it crossed the 100,000 mile mark and so I figured I'd let y'all know how my ownership experience has been. It's been used & abused in hot & cold. Rain, sleet & snow, and it hasn't skipped a beat. Looking forward to modifying it throughout the next 100k miles!

  2. Great video! Have you had to have the Fox shocks rebuilt at all? I’ve heard that can be pretty common.

  3. Haven't seen the Raptor in a while. How do the new wheels look? I'm looking at a 2014 with 39k miles for $48k.

  4. Would a 2012 SVT raptor supercrew with 107k miles for $24,300 be a bad investment? Always wanted one and looking for an older truck, just curious if thats a stupid purchase

  5. I'm looking at a black 2014 at a local dealership with 145k priced at $32,000. What are your thoughts? Worth it?

  6. I bought my 2013 raptor last year. It's a 2013 roush raptor, serialized dealer option. Supercharge one of yours, I'd say the one you beat. It's so amazing. 590 hp and 590 trq is fun. But it is also very mild mannered driving it and not getting into the throttle. The supercharger really won't effect gas mileage for daily driving. Love your mustang and I have one too, but mine is a bit older…67. Keep posting great vids!

  7. There's a lot new trucks with cute things and all but nothing like the first gen raptor. The raptor says get out of my way lol America all over baby. Thank you Jesus for the raptor build

  8. What exhaust upgrade did you mention? I also have a 14 screw in Terrain. I did upgrade to the beadlocks-well worth it. I’m at 99k miles and want to upgrade the exhaust a bit but don’t want to get too obnoxious.

  9. Would y’all recommend still purchasing a 14 raptor that has around 150-160k for just shy of $30k (pre-haggling)?

  10. No way I’d jump that truck, wish I could get my hands on one of these low miles, wish I could afford the 45-55k price tag


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