15 cheap cars that make you look rich!

Go to the carwow to save money on your next car – https://www.cawow.com Have you ever tried to buy an old car? Then you ….

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  1. That Bentley Conti GT and Jaguar XK are bargains and one would definitely radiate an aura of success and money coming out of your pockets by owning any one of these 2 gems. But let's face it.. A regular Joe with a regular job could never afford owning and servicing any of these cars.. Even without major break downs, the regular servicing would force you getting a second mortgage on your house.. New tires, oil and filter change, filing it up with gas… Mamma mia…..!!!

  2. That only tells me how much these luxurious cars are depreciating in a relatively short period of time

  3. My dad bought a Mercedes benz w204 c250 ////AMG from face book and we thought it would be amazing. He did everything for the looks not thinking about reliability. It had 150,000 miles so it had 1 million faults. Lemme go through them all.

    1. It has a radiater fault which caused the coolant to go bad and it got worse and worse by the day
    2.Its dpf got blocked so it lost power and didn't shift gears on time
    3.The dpf got cleaned but again it got blocked causing the engine management light to come on
    4.There is something wrong with the tyre pressure sensor causing tyre pressure warnings in the instrument cluster
    5.ABS stopped working
    6.Traction control stopped working
    7.Stability control stopped working
    8.There was something wrong with the radio so it didn't seem to shut up

  4. I am sitting here in Denmark ( EU) and was wondering if it it could be a good idea to export at car from the UK…..would it even be worth it, consering tax and that UK left EU…..

  5. Well you’ll need a personal plate for starters to hide the car’s age. Then you’ll have to live with buyer’s remorse when the repair bills pile in. Just buy a second hand Skoda and damn what the neighbours think. At least you can afford a holiday.

  6. The used car market is an efficient market – there's going to be very few people that don't already know what you do. There's a reason these are cheap.

  7. How about the top 15 cheapest "brand new" cars sold in the UK ( I'm sure no one has made a video yet)
    I know your more well known for reviewing Hi end expensive cars come on Matt review the entry level poor mans cars that are under 9k


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