1958 Ford Fairlane Gateway Classic Cars #1206 Houston Showroom

Now for sale in our Houston Showroom is this beautifully restored 1958 Ford Fairlane. The 1958 had fashionable quad headlights …

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  1. I like that Ford used the new style Thunderbird (the "Square Bird") styling incorporated into the '58 Ford. Now, if we could get some style into 21st century cars. Not that they don't have style, but I'd like to be able to tell a Chevrolet from a Ford from a Chrysler. But, hey, I liked the '50s I guess.

  2. It might actually be better to not play music than to play a bad song!!!Gateway shows a lot of cars and you play music with all of them.  That isa great concept but make sure the music you play is top notch.  I suggest playingmore than one song.

  3. Great car bad song!  May I suggest playing more than one song per car shown?Good, better, best, never let it rest, until your good is better, and your better best!!!


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