1980s Supercar Powertest | Top Gear

Richard Hammond achieves a boyhood dream by testing two 1980s supercar icons, the Porsche 959 and Ferrari F40. .

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  1. Competition wise the 959 was all about Gruppe B, it’s a shame that category disappeared, but it cost lives on the rally circuit, so it was understandable.

  2. typical british programme that slamms Italian cars just to please british market and german defecaring superiority f40 does 330 kms an hour and is able to smoke porshes.you nag about missing carpets but thats just like F1s and Ferrari is the Formula 1 period

  3. So the Porsche had a lot of never before seen tech that has since trickled down to normal consumer cars. What did the Ferrari contribute? I mean it was fast and light but that seems to be it really.

  4. The 959 is an amazing car but it doesn’t stand a chance against the F40 on the track or in looks.

  5. nothing touch’s porsche overall i bought my first new one at 23 im 37 now just got me.a 992 turbo and its my love

  6. The 201 mph reminds me of Rincewind's 2,300,009 ghosts, the specificity is convincing. 200 mph they probably rounded. 201, someone went and checked.


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