2003 BMW 7 Series Is The Most Complicated BMW

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  1. I remember I didn't think it was ugly when it came out. I actually thought it looked pretty interesting!

  2. Nail me to the proverbial car cross, but in my own personal taste, I think this looks better than the E38 7 series. Yes I said it. At least this one stood out instead of looking the same as every other BMW of the time.

    iDrive v1.0 though…. yikes

  3. Objectively, this is a better 7 series. Sure, the 7 series prior may look better and be more sporty. But the point of this car is to be luxurious and innovative. And this 7 series is vastly superior in that respect

  4. Funnily in 2005 Mercedes introduced W221 – S-Class (5th Gen) had the exactly the same trunk. But by that time BMW taken all the punches and MB designers made it look only better…

  5. It's funny that Lexus and Acuras and Infinitis of that era are still in the road but there's not a single V8 of these in existence.
    What a piece of garbage they were, and see.

  6. The beginning of the end of BMW.
    Everything after this became too complicated, unreliable, hard to work on, expensive to maintain.
    German engineering if the 70s and 80s ended in 2000.
    Today, they're disposable, unreliable, poorly designed vehicles

  7. The 7 series of this variation is nothing in terms of controversy compared to the guineapig teeth front vents on the newer BMWs, they look like they crave hay for christ sake.

  8. This car is amazing! I own the same one but black in color and has only 85K miles. It had some issues and recently got everything fixed. Car drives amazing my wife has a 2017 Mercedes S550 but honestly I like the BMW how smooth and quiet drives. My weekend car!

  9. Honestly i think the back of the car would've looked much better if the strip part wasn't there kinda like the m6 .

  10. I used to have 2008 730li which is 6 cylinder version but u forgot to mention that this car has the best smell ever and it's permanent I guess its bmw leather lol

  11. That car probably came from the future so much stuff that just got standard in the last 5 years back then

  12. we called those old beemers ugly…the current designs changed my opinion on the '03 7 series, it wasn't that bad in hindsight

  13. I personally love the way the rear end looks on the bangal butt or however u spell it. I think it looks fantastic. The headlights really kill it for me though. It looks all droopy eyed, n the way they integrated the cutout in the bumper to fit those ugly headlights is the straw that broke the camels back. That looks horrid. Undeniable

  14. Can’t believe that a rear AC control and TV was an option even on the 760, in china we have that in 730Li and even a refrigerator.

  15. Also center console doubles as a second refrigerator/cooler, can turn on or off but if want to use you and keep things cold inside, I say second bc there is another refrigerator in the back seat that goes into trunk , behind center console space ,and cup holders also cool and heat, and the (key thing is not accurate), (if keys are in pocket you can use start button), does not need to be inserted, and doors unlock if touch when keys in pocket,,,and all doors are soft touch self closing like trunk, unless they changed all that in later models, because my 2006 Does all that

  16. yeah, maybe easy on the "controversial" and "radical" , i just wanna shoot myself in a foot every time you say those words


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