2012 Ford Focus Estate review – What Car?

Read the full What Car? Ford Focus Estate review http://bit.ly/IOWTjC The Ford Focus is the sweetest-handling of all small estate …

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  1. The one Skoda I had was the least reliable of all the cars Ive owned.. I would never go back.  Its very misleading when reviews say something has good build quality when all they mean is its heavy and feels solid.  That doesnt mean its built well.  Id rather have a car that bits dont fail on than one where the car door sounds nice when its shut!

  2. And dont think i am Focus hater or SKoda fan or anything, i would still buy Focus over Octavia, just because it is much better value for money, but about interior dash design, Focus looks like a childrens toy with all those buttons. I does not look classy and mature built as Skoda Octavia. More like a toy 😛

  3. Skoda's interior and exterior is classy, reliable and well build.
    And he was asking about comfort, so, Skoda.

  4. how and Y buddy? I like Skoda 4 its built,TDi power and solidity but cant accept its feature lesss cabin,boring interior and exterior design and very boring Stock Audio system and huge service bills also,


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