2012 Ford Focus review – What Car?

The Ford Focus is one of the most popular cars in its class, and the latest model looks set to continue that success. It’s not perfect …

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  1. Don't mention the leak in the boot for all generations. Ford just love to give that add on water feature, don't you Ford?

  2. What the hell is with those designers? Looks like a freaking Jack O Lantern…"Oh, I don´t know what to do here on the front…heck it´s halloween, let´s not bother too much on it"

  3. It looks like there's a billion acres of space in the back, and I recon most owners will take one look and do the deal.

  4. Don't get sat nav because the buttons get confusing?
    Is he for real?

    Some of us aren't as dum as he is.

  5. I prefer the longer old style video reviews with the mute driver, a narrator, category ratings, the car on a turntable in a white room and driving scenes. The new style reviews are too samey to other reviews on YouTube.


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