2013 Ford Escape – Review and Road Test

Compared to its predecessor the second-generation Ford Escape is a radical departure. Daring styling, innovative technology and …

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  1. Who needs assist to parallel park? I live in Denver. I don't need it. It is not that hard to park a car.

  2. if you had to choose between a 2013 ford escape and ford edge based on handling and driving experience on the snow, which would you recommend?

  3. The rear hatch opens just fine with a kicking motion as the manual states, not a waving motion. Additionally, if your Escape is equipped with the trailer hitch, the kicking motion to open the hatch must be between the trailer hitch and either exhaust port. Works great! My 2014 Titanium looks great and runs flawlessly.

  4. I think the transmission is a weak link as I only have 5k miles on mine and I'm experiencing slip and catch

  5. I own a 2013 Ford Escape 2.0L Ecoboost AWD and It needs a new transmission at a cost of $4,500. I've already dumped $2,500 this year in repairs (faulty BCM module and faulty injector) It's a 2013 and only has 77,000 miles on it but it's out of warranty so I am SOL. Don't buy a Ford Escape AWD. They are a money pit and can't even handle a little mud.

  6. ~$37,000 GAH!
    That's Tiguan Highline/SEL money. And that car has the build quality nearing that of an Audi. I'm not convinced that Ford can match quality to that of VW.

    Overall I like the Escape, but you'd be drunk & mad to go for the fully-loaded Titanium model. A mid-spec SE with a 1.6T & AWD should suffice more buyers without breaking the bank.

  7. and to add some salt to the wound of yours, this Escape is almost entirely designed and engineered in Europe, just like the new Focus and Fiesta.

  8. And also you have to wave your foot somewhere around the area of the left muffler, not in the middle.

  9. I bought an escape because of this review. Nice Kodiak Brown paint, fully loaded with amazing cool technology.

  10. Last November I bought a 2013 Ford Escape S model when I traded in a 10 year old Ford F-150. It has the basic Sync. Lots of cargo space, cup holders, and other little details to make using it very comfortable. It came with front floor mats but not rear. You can buy the rear ones. I bought the cargo security cover which mostly covers the cargo area but not all of it. The dealer I bought from had the black or steel gray colors for $2000 less here in Texas so I got the steel gray color.

  11. Just took a look at the 2013 RAV4. Ford should consider boosting production on the Escape.The Escape has engine choices,not so with the RAV4
    The Escape's Platinum version is overpriced and isn't worth the extra money. The SEL is a better value and the wheels look better, there's a choice of interior colour…none of this black only.Also,you can get a rear camera without having to buy navigation .

  12. This model of the escape seriously needs to get out overseas. Here in the Phils. we have been forced to endure the facelifted version of the first gen escape. I don't get it since the focus, fiesta and explorer being sold here are the most recent generation. And from what I see in my daily commute they are selling well. Surely this new escape will sell very well here.

  13. Thanks for the kind words. Just so everyone knows, all our reviews going forward will be similar in style to this.

    So, if you like what we're doing, tell a friend. If not, please hate us quietly to yourself.


  14. American based companies or cars made in the U.S.? Most "foreign" companies have their vehicles built in the U.S. while the opposite is true of the "big 3". So nobody could pay you enough to drive a v8 hyundai genesis? That just sounds silly.

  15. You couldnt pay me to drive a hyundai or any rice burner for that matter !!!
    I only buy American ¡!!!!!!!!

  16. I'm not interested in American brand vehicles but I really like the way KBB has been doing these kinds of reviews rather than their previous way of doing reviews. This has a lot of what people look for when they're trying to do research on these vehicles. Hopefully KBB is able to do more if not all reviews for their vehicles like this. It might not be as textbook but that's the point of watching a video review. It's more informative in terms of a personal response to the vehicle which is nice.

  17. Loving what Ford has been doing lately with their design and functionality. American auto quality has massively improved within the last few years.

  18. There is just something about Micah that makes me enjoy car reviews. I dunno if its his voice, his lines, or just his personality. When he speaks, I'm eager to listen. Good job Micah, I'm sold.


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