2013 Ford Escape SE 1.6T EcoBoost Walkaround, Review and Test Drive

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  1. 2020. Battery replacement sucks, have to take out front cowling and take off windshield wipers. Cruise control doesn't work anymore. Electrical problems due to bad battery terminals. By the way you can't see the state of the terminals without taking off the cowling and the windshield wipers. Recall after recall on this car. Huge disappointment. Owner since 2015

  2. I bought this exact model in Silver brand new back in 2013, I had to wait 6 weeks for delivery. $23,000 plus tax. I must say I luv the 1.6 turbo, the ride, the handling and the gas mileage. I drove it 110 miles just yest. with the AC on and averaged  35.3 mpg  thru the twisty roads in the Ozarks. No regrets from day one on my purchase………..

  3. This is the Worst vehicle there is! All kinds of problems with the Ford Escape. Just google consumer reports if you don't believe me.

  4. Bought one but the 4wd model and there's 2 things that I don't like. The new power steering technology and well in my opinion the turbo isn't loud enough other than that it's pretty good. I find it drink more then my old escape v6 2008 but on paper it's different

  5. Combined it averages 28-MPG, Not bad, but they can do much better.  These small crossovers should be getting 30-MPG City, and 38 to 40 MPG Hwy….Period.

  6. Not a fan. Honestly I don't like the way it looks and the 1.6 is not very impressive, however this is my opinion but for me I would rather a CX-5 for a VW Tiguan. Keep in mind I am a VW guy though.


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