2014 Ford Transit Connect Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive

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  1. i got a 2014 one a year ago with about 45,000 miles on it. I e out about 50,000 miles on it so far with no issues. I really love the look of it. People at the gas station often ask about it or tell me how much they like the looks of it. It’s fun to drive too. Definitely the coolest out of the small vans

  2. I understand that the 4-cylinder is better for fuel economy but a V6 would deliver better power figures and I feel like for a “wagon,” as Ford calls it, that could carry up to 7 people a 6-cyl would be much better. OR they could have just turbo charged the 4-cyl. Or offer both. A turbo charged 4-cyl or naturally aspirated 6-cyl

  3. I have to drive one of these in my job. I hate it. I like to plug my tablet into the aux jack and listen to my music, and now somehow the audio has become muted, and there's no possible way to un-mute it. Many of us in the company have tried and failed, and nothing in the manual tells you how it happened or how to fix it. Both the aux input and the phone audio are now muted, and there's no way to undo it. This really sucks. Ford has made their audio systems way too complicated.

  4. You do great reviews! You cover a lot of info, talk fast and are to the point and articulate. I wish more people would take note. Time is precious and most people waste a lot of time with useless babble in their videos. Thank you!

  5. My workplace recently bought an XLT LWB Transit Connect Wagon to use as their shuttle van and I can say that it is a great vehicle. I have gotten multiple complements from customers that say it's nice or wonder what it is. It has leather seating for 7 and the window sticker (which they keep in the glovebox), says it cost only $29,580, which is a pretty good deal for what it is.


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