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Check out popular cars from the New York Auto Show http://vid.io/xqwN http://www.edmunds.com This Ford Fiesta video review …

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  1. I just bought my Fiesta and for the size and price it's a wonderful little car!! I got the Titanium trim and so far nothing to complain about.

  2. Ford recently discontinued fiesta in indian market. I am planning to buy a used sedan. is this car available in Europe ?.will there be spare parts support for next 5 yrs ?.pls answer.

  3. Hi; I just purchased a new Ford Fiesta 4dr sedan SE MODEL. It is a wonderful little car.
    I would recommend this car to anyone looking for economy and style. Don't try to compare this to a a Cadillac, it's not. But who and the hell are buying cadillacs's, these days, when gas prices will be spiking soon. It has limited rear seating, so don't expect to carry 4 adults in this vehicle. It is perfect for two adults, and possible 2 small kids or infants. Oh yes, I added a bike hitch to the under carriage, that sports two bikes. It's just a fun, and economical car to own.

  4. Best looking car on its class, more like a subcompact aston martin, won international engine of the year award 3 years in a row 2O12-14. got five stars on Euro Ncap Safety Rating, 2O14 Automotive Excellence Award for Handling, Won Car of the Year by Topgear and more than 22 other awards and ford used to own Jaguar & Aston martin. Check all versus youtube videos with fiesta on it, fiesta always wins

  5. most people here havent even driven the fiesta and they talk shit about it ! the quietest most comfortable to drive in winding roads and most powerful car for its size in its class bar none! not to mention its 4k dollars cheaper brand new than the honda fit ! space problems are no problems as you can buy a roof rack for 200 bucks and youre good ! 

  6. I got the fiesta and really like it…but for a few grand more you can get a base model civic or a fiesta ST. choices ,choices, choices!

  7. I think both cars are excellent choices. but, i rather buy the honda fit. it is more confortable and litle bit bigger.


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