2017 Ford Fusion Sport – Redline Review

Ford looks to offer a budget BMW sport sedan with the latest 2017 Ford Fusion Sport. Under the hood you’ll find the most powerful …

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  1. It's an awesome car! I have a 2014 2.0T Fusion Titanium and a buddy of mine has this 2017 sport and it's a screamer on the streets. While our cars have the same features, his is definitely much cooler.

  2. are you in a rush? talking mad fast like you have somewhere to be.. i keep going back to replay what you said bc i’ve missed it. you definitely have cotton mouth my boi

  3. I can't believe that I heard you right, saying that you are "a little bit disappointed that the engine is so quiet". You must be out of your mind! After 100 years or more of working hard to design silent and smooth ICE cars you come up with a comment like that?

  4. This is a quick car no doubt. As far as BMW & Mercedes your paying for the name.they dont hold there value. Toyota,Subaru & Honda hold there value better. Porsche & Audi does hold there Value.

  5. Honestly!! 380lbs of torque and 325hp should be faster than 5.5sec. my M37X had 330hp and 270lbs does that same 0-60. Doesn't make sense

  6. What are the best tires for this version? I'm shopping for a car this spring 2020 here in nyc, what would you say would be a good alternative to this under 18K?

  7. Eh. I'm still not sold on Ford. Neighbor brought a new explorer, but it always has problems I believe it's at ford more than his driveway. Why are these cars such problems? It's a beautiful car but that reliability is a killer.

  8. "There's no denying just how important the midsize family sedan segment is to any manufacturer. This is the bread and butter of the American market stable." Welll…


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