2017 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Performance Review: How Are the Warranty-Approved Performance Parts?

According to automotive fanatics, the only sort of engine that belongs the Ford Mustang is a traditional V8. Take Dearborn’s 5.0 for …

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  1. one question that would help me a lot. Did you/anyone observe that the 2015-2016 has a serious AC problem ? Mine started to loose it after 40000km and I somehow associate it with a period in which I had used the re-circulate option. ( btw one freon refill is about 220 in EU, which is not cheap )

  2. Why would you waste a dime putting any extra money into this car with an automatic. Even if it had the 10-speed still a waste of money if you know how to drive get a manual that's what this car should have. If you need an automatic you should buy something else

  3. It’s a American muscle car not a Honda Civic ….5.0 all day … Chevy & Ford Fucked up the muscle car with the 4 cylinder crap

  4. Yea this ecoboost is cool but I got my ‘17 gt for only 32k so why wouldn’t someone buy a gt instead

  5. This is absolutely one of the BEST EcoBoost Mustang reviews !!!! Reason being that he reviewed the Ford Performance add-ons that DON'T void the factory warranty….yet give you 90 ft lb more torque. Wow ….amazing. Thanks for posting !!!!

  6. that's 320 pound foot of torque!
    why don't you know how torque is measured??

    you wouldn't say "horses power" so why say "pound feet"?

    torque is measured by putting a weight on a bar at the length of one foot from the centre of the wheel, not feet, feet makes no sense at all.

    A car guy would and should know this.

  7. Got my 2016 Eco w/ performance pack for 23k new (2017s were on the lot already). Not sure if this was mentioned in the video: The FP tune gives you peak gains of 25 hp at 5500 rpm, but an avg. 40 hp / 60 lb-ft increase through the midrange of 2500-5000 rpm. For 24k with the factory warranty intact, I'd say the Eco is a performance bargain.



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