2017 Ford Mustang GT: Review

Here’s one I definitely look forward to every year! In this one I’ll go over all the changes for the 2017 Mustang GT along with of …

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  1. Just traded my 2017 GT in after 4 yrs 11 months ownership. It had driveline vibration since new, dlr. tried replacing driveshaft & the replacement was badly out of balance so the dealer balanced it with hose clamps, I wasn't happy, & it still had highway vibration at about 80 MPH & they refused to replace the defective "replacement" driveshaft because they said Ford wouldn't pay them for it. The engine had cold start piston knock since new, you would have to take it for a short hi way drive to warm it up enough to stop knocking. Dealer said it was "normal". The hood had to be replaced because the paint was coming off due to corrosion. Both ft. fenders has small areas of corrosion under the paint. the paint kept coming off around where the rear spoiler bolted to trunk lid, dealer fixed it twice but it kept coming off, they also made a mess of the wiper cowl & under hood areas when they buffed the new hood & the hood finish was poor, had some orange peel & minimal gloss, didnt match the rest of the finish. Both doors were showing small rust spots under the paint at bottom where the door skin folds over, I recently noticed a rust pinhole in the trunk lid. The brake rotors are very exposed & get wet & rust every time it rains, if vou let it sit for 2 weeks you could need to have the rotors machined to get them smooth. The drivers seat upholstery on bottom & back was getting loose & I only weigh 150 lbs. The car was very quick, had great brakes & suspension & a lot of fun to drive, too bad Ford screwed up on body / trim quality & dealer was unable to fix the vibration problem. Under hard acceleration exhaust fumes somehow would also enter the car, dealer rep said "they all do that".

  2. The stock mufflers on these stangs sound horrible. Without them u really get to hear her purrr

  3. Makes me want to trade my mustang EcoBoost in for that one I like the black color. keep up the awesome videos

  4. This thing is a beast and is a car I really like. But in my country this car costs around 220k (US dollars)

  5. 33-42k and 435hp? Damn I could get one of these when I'm older and be personally satisfied with both the car and its price.

  6. Not sure if this is just for the fastback, but I've noticed a really bad blind spot compared to other models.

  7. So I have a kind of have a dumb question in manuals do you have to shift back down as you slow down or can you slow down put it in neutral and then put it back in the first when you go again?

  8. I have a 97' GT drop top i've had since HS (6 years now) she's murdered out riding on 18 inch AMR's
    145k OG miles. I'm about to trade her in for something a little newer, the 2019 is a little out of my price range so the 2017 is what I'm after and this video just convinced me.


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