2018 BMW M4 Vs. 2018 Ford Mustang GT PP2 — Cars.com

We put the pricey 2018 BMW M4 with Competition Package against the more affordable 2018 Ford Mustang GT with Performance …

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  1. is this a fucking joke!!!???is it??? I owned a ford, now I have a BMW. Night and day. BMW is in a different league you can't compare this shit to a M4. steering, quality, looks, and feel.

  2. Mustang is cheap in purpose, thirsty, cheap interior, poor sound and slow. BMW is a luxury german engineering, with great seats, better handling, leather trim, great sound system and very fast and fun to drive. There is no comparison between them. BMW definitely worth extra 40K.

  3. Lastimosamente BMW a hora maneja el negocio de auto partes por lo cual todos estos modelos nuevo y los q an de salir antes de los 20 mil kilometros ya piden muchos repuestos el valvetronic..bomba agua..termostato..correa ..patines..guia de valvulas y muchas cosas mas ….el mustang es un carro de hombres rudo .resistente y llama la atencion donde quiera q ballas y con los años sera un clasivo a lo cual se valorisara

  4. The 10 speed auto would have been a different story, and also driver mod lol. Coyote can do 0-60 right about 4 secs if you can launch it right

  5. You can't truly appreciate a BMW M car until you drive one. I'd take the Camaro as 1le over both. Best of both worlds chassis and displacement.

  6. How much did BMW pay to make sure the f**** Mustang didn't have a 10 speed literally the most ridiculous comparison

  7. drive an m4 then a mustang , its a no brainer.. pull up any where in an m4 , and heads will turn , not the same in a stang , still a nice carthough. but would anyone trade an M car for stang , try it the other way around now…

  8. Not an accurate accesment of the m4 , Its eats mustangs all day long in every way, but thats to be exspected , its an 85 k car .

  9. "The BMW really knew what gear to be in"…. Let's forget the mustang was manual and that this line means she clearly couldn't decide what gear to be in and needed a automatic to choose a gear for her. =/= Professional driver lol give me a break.

  10. Now put the real m4 competition on the track the gt350r against it and see what's better in every way.

  11. When they said, "Hired Pro driver", and it was female…I laughed. She could make 5 sammys between those shifts.

  12. I do not understand why they compare a car with a 3.0 engine with a 5.0 engine. oh I know, because the mustang is bullsh**t.

  13. Mustang all the way! This is even without taking into consideration the amount of the parts and maintenance expenses

  14. That's why no Americans cars are not popular in Europe….. Because of MPG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can Americans play with it?

  15. If you pay for your fuel £1,45 per litre for petrol(GAS) my choice is BMW !!! 4L engine vs 5L BMW winner!!

  16. I ran a 12,8 at 111mph in a 2015 Mustang GT with the Perfomance Pack stone stock. I'm available to wring your cars out if the pay is good. And what the hell is it with vehicle testers doing head-to-head comparisons with Mustangs with worn out tires? Step up your game people.

  17. Their you have it, BMWs are for girls and the Mustang Gt does 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds. It will also run a high 11 in the 1/4 mile. She must have taken her foot off the pedal. This was biased towards the BMW and the Mustang still wins.


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