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The subcompact SUV class is exploding, and one of its newest members is actually not so fresh. The 2018 Ford EcoSport has been on sale in Europe for years …

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  1. Considering how easy it would have been to put together a 30 minute video by going a little more in depth, this video is not what I would call a "review".
    It hardly even qualifies as a "first look" video.

  2. I just purchased a 2019 Titanium edition, I'm very happy with it. As far as the back hatch opening from the side, every review I've watched has panned this feature with the space in parallel parking. Since I seldom parallel park I'm not going to have an issue, maybe others might. If you put that moveable cargo shelf in correctly it sits flat, otherwise you end up with that slant. I'm very happy with mine, I'm 5'2" and most of the time me and a Scottish Terrier in the back seat or my sister in the passenger seat.
    If you ask me now, I'd probably purchase another after this one wears out, my husband is on his 4th Ford and only sold the Explorer because it was taking up so much room in the garage. So between the Escape and the Ecosport we have room to walk all over.

  3. I'm the only person who would would be in it so no one is going to be sitting behind me. Back seat legroom isn't an issue. I also don't parallel park in the city so the swing out door is kind of nice – won't bang my head on it (I'm fairly tall). Also, roads in my area are pretty good – we don't get potholes much around here since we don't have severe weather. The vast majority of my driving is in town so buffeting on the freeway isn't a concern. Basically, none of your cons matter to me. The $6,250 rebate on the Titanium model right now does.

  4. I just purchased the titanium trim of this vehicle and I love it, more room than you think, the 2.0L i4 AWD has decent power(its not a mustang, but more than serviceable) . These auto reviewers all have the same problem, they drive so many cars, like high end brands, they can't compartmentalize their reviews to a single class of vehicles. For the deals you can get on this (I got my at $19132) you simply can not go wrong with this little SUV.

  5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, just as car reviews reflect the reviewers subjective view of what a car should be like. Small car's are, in general, not appreciated in the US, they seem to like more the gas slurping, huge SUV's that seed at least 7 people and have room for an additional 10 suitcases. In Europe however, car's like this are doing just fine. Low gas milage, high sitting position, great 3 cylinder 127 HP award winning Ford engine and the big screen for navigating, etc. The backdoor, 'cause that's what it is, serves us well, easy access and for my small wife easy to open and close as well. One things for sure, this car makes people talk and everyone has his/her own opinion. Last but not least: how often do you have a person over 6 feet in the rear seats ? I've been driving for over 35 years and never had that pleasure.

  6. … SUCCESFUL where it was originally launched in 2003 : Southamerica … I got mine in TITANIUM AT model : very nice compact SUV … this guy is too picky ….. pay no attention to his bla bla bla ….

  7. I have one, and I like it a lot. I love small cars, and this feels and is useful like an SUV but in a much more manageable package. I have an SE, and it’s pretty well equipped, and I stayed under $24,000. I actually like the 1.0L…there’s a lot of power on the higher end of the RPMs, and it’s a very reliable, small, clever engine.

  8. Hey buyers of this class prob don’t care much about driving dynamics. The nimble maneuvering and easy city parking are stuffs that matter. Therefore the close track and short wheelbase. You can complain however you like but that shows you are just not in the target segment.

  9. Ford exits sedans and replaces with this? Ford is going crazy these days. CEO you’re nuts….not long for this world

  10. why do ads for this ECOSPORT pronounce "ECO" like "ECHO" – it makes the person sound dumb like they do not know how to pronounce "ECO"

  11. I just brought one of these and I have not had any issue other than the reposition when driving. It's cool, small, and fast. I am not sure if I'll trade it in the coming year though.

  12. PS I never saw a car company so maligned thru the years. BEST damn cars I've ever owned were Fords. I have one still running at 250,000 miles like a champ

  13. I've had three fords last two focus…i love this model..its perfect. I'm only 5 ' 2" and it is living hell for me to climb into some suvs or get down real low in some cars. Those days are over I want to be able to laterally get in. View out the windows is great compared to most other suvs compact large or otherwise. Nice and airy feel to the front seat area. Love the swingate. I'm happy. I was going to get a trax but the field of vision was better in this. there was something about it that stood out to me in the model class.

  14. The SES model is what you want. The 2 Liter and "sport suspension" make a huge difference. It actually has some pep when put into "Sport Mode". The rest is subjective. This is a subcompact SUV. I purchased this because I live in a city in the north east. 4wd in town will be SO much better than the Focus I was previously driving.

    I do want to reiterate, the SES model is head and shoulders above the standard 1 Liter offering in terms of power and handling.


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