2018 Ford Expedition 3.5L Ecoboost Phaser Job Rattle on Start Up – Let's identify the bad Phaser

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  1. There was an article in this weekend's Wall Street Journal talking about the poor quality of Ford products it is now come to the attention of Jim Farley CEO that something needs to be done because they're bleeding big money in the shop repairing vehicles that are not old. They should talk to the text and have the engineers come out and look at what their engineering because they're not getting the job done. It has nothing to do with the assembly process and everything to do with the dumb ideas that the engineers have used for a long time now.

  2. I recently had my phasers done. I watch your videos I’m the kind of guy who admires your integrity as a person and mechanic. I always wonder when my vehicle is being worked on wether a guy similar to yourself would be working on my stuff. That feeling I always have was the job done correctly is always looming in the back of my brain.

  3. Good thats awesome that your care about your work and wont let a problem good causing a problem down the line for the customer! Got 2013 f150 with the 3.5 eco boost where it failed and the small change on drivers side broke because of that problem!

  4. So I should put a catch can on my driver side also? Please let me know I just put a rebuild motor on my f150 3.5 ecoboost and i have a catch can on the other side.?

  5. At least this is in a truck and not a transverse mounted 3.5 in a car where it's much harder to deal with

  6. I’m so sick of my 17 f150 3.5 being in the shop…. I love the power of the truck but it doesn’t do me any good when its always down. Problem is, 5.0 has its own issues. Are there any reliable trucks anymore? Just the tundra? What NEWish truck would a mechanic buy?

  7. Why is it that you are so darned GOOD at what you do Rich??? (WHY)?? Because you care about Customers and COMEBACKS, and you have PRIDE in what you do. There should be Requirement's that this Kind of Work is Standard Procedure!!!! Thank you Rich, for being so Honest to your Customers. ONE DAY, Somebody at Ford will see just what is Takes to be #1…… GREAT VIDEO, Nice Job! Well Done!!!

  8. Question for you rich because I don’t know. Would my escape have cam phasers? 2021 1.5 dragon eco boost. Never heard of them and slowly going thru your videos on them trying to learn about them. Sorry for a stupid question probably lol. Thank you

  9. Thank you for the informative video. Your videos prove that you care about the customer and the type of finished work you put out there. As a fellow technician, I appreciate you sir.

  10. These Gen II phasers are something else. I've got a set to do, waiting for me when I get back from my vacation….. along with my 2004 Mustang GT complete engine reseal.

  11. Was this being replaced because of a noise or was there an engine light on? Even though I see this is a very common issue that you show all the time, our shop never has ford phaser issues come into the shop

  12. Did the Expedition get the Gen 2 3.5 Ecoboost? I know my 18 Transit didn't but i'm actually kinda happy it didn't. Gave Ford time to sort out some* problems.

  13. And Ford Boss knows that new Ford's are absolutely garbage! You will never ever get what you pay for new vehicles today! without spending mucho bucks to keep alive! Sadly!

  14. It’s sad to see Ford is still having phaser issues. Are the new phasers aftermarket or a superseded ‘improved’ OEM design?? The new ones don’t have the spring visible…

  15. This is when we need to go back to the engineering of the model T. Cars these days are engineered to fail!

  16. It must be hard doing the Job you do with having Parts Availability Issues, Ends up costing you more time on a job trying to get the parts you need to complete them and in some cases being able to start a job due to no parts.

  17. yupers today's vehicles are crazy on entering! I don't see them lasting as for reliability no! Sadly! why they are doing this is to pocket money! I will stay far away from anything 2017 and on! so afraid to even purchase nowadays! I have been working in this field for almost 27 years and can't believe the materials used in to make an engine run! I came from if you take care of it it will last! today we got bits of plastic and spring steal that goes bad over time! what the heck is going on folks! stop buying these junkers ! we need manufacturers to get back to the basics of reliability!

  18. i understand why we are using this system, just child's play for Automotive use! This type of system belongs on the lawn mower pull rope! lol

  19. Seeing your skills always fascinates me. Is this something I need to look out for on my Lincoln? Thank you for sharing.

  20. My oldest boy & 2 others were installing a Driveshaft on a Transit and somehow the Driveshaft fell on his head and down his shoulder and passed out for a few seconds. Still having headaches after a week later.


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