2018 Ford GT vs 1000 HP Jeep Trackhawk Drag Race

What happens when a stock 2018 Ford GT with 647 hp drag races a 2018 Jeep Trackhawk with 1000 hp? http://www.

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  1. A suv where you can put all your groceries and your family is getting these ford guys all shook lol a suv vs a supercar

  2. That’s great if you want to have a 700hp + vehicle that only moves well in a straight line and has the resale value and reliability of Chrysler.

    A 2006 Ford GT40 had an MSRP sticker price of $139,000. You can now buy them used for around $250,000 give or take $10-20k on condition.

  3. As i read the comments i think the GT fan boyz and girlz are missing the whole point while acting all btt hurt because there was no turns! The jeep is a truck stock or not going up aginst a freaking hyper car! There is no truck on earth that can turn with a hyper car let alone drag race with one till now! Just wait for the red eys edition of mabe even the hellephent version! And you can drive it everyday. I respect the GT for its heritage but the cool facter goes to the Jeep just because it can hang with anyones dream car ina 1/4 mile

  4. I feel like the GT should have the V8 and the Jeep should have the V6. It's weird seeing the GT shape (which I think Ford did good keeping it from the last one without looking like the same car) making that sound. Still, I'm the kind of guy that would LS swap an RX7 and rotary swap a Corvette, so my opinion is kind of invalid I guess


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