2018 Ford Mustang GT – Muscle Car Perfection?

The original pony car has long been associated with America so for 2018, Ford has made a long list of changes to update the …

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  1. Hey guys, unfortunately, the audio in this video will be spotty at times. We tried our best in post production to correct it but we ran into an issue with an audio cable that wasn't noticed until after filming with no time to reshoot. Bear with us, since then the faulty cable has been replaced so future videos filmed after the AVA event in Portland won't be affected. We apologize in advance!

  2. Nice review, I had to look for ten minutes to find a gt review like this! Without ten minutes of comedy skit before the review

  3. Seriously bro, your use of the term "small block" is completely misused. The last time Chevy put a big block in a Camaro was like 1971-1972, same as the Mustang. What did you do? Pop the hood on the Mustang, see an modular motor and say to yourself wow that motor looks big, it must be a big block so that Camaro must be a small block! No, that is not how it works…

  4. This without a doubt would be the best bang for your buck you can gap pretty much anything hellcats, Zl1,Z06, Amg, And M series for a fraction of the cost of all those cars

  5. Hoping that by the time I come back from deployment the price on 2018’s have dropped a bit more. I don’t have my 2014 mustang anymore to use as trade in value so that’s a bit crappy but I can’t wait to drive an s550

  6. I bought a new one as I have warranty and I know exactly how the car has been treated. There are idiots that redline it as soon as they leave the dealership I ain’t driving mine like an idiot until I complete my first service lmao


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