2018 Honda Civic Type R – ultimate in-depth review | carwow Reviews

So what’s the new 2018 Honda Civic Type R FK8 like? Well in this review Mat will talk you through the design, technology, … .

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  1. my only complaint of my 2018 type-r is that I can't change the fan speed without pushing the climate button and using the screen. they fixed that in 2019+

  2. After owning this car for now 6 month. Got to admit, this car is something very special. May not be a drag car but still beat most car, once you rolling then there is no chance you'll be catching this unless you have over 400bhp. Yeh almost forgot, nothing can catch this on the bends and cornering as this seems to take out 4wd cars too

  3. It looks awesome cars look the same these days and when something exciting comes out people are like OH THAT’S SO HIDEOUS

  4. I don’t get why people hate on this car so much. It’s one of the best daily drivers that’s affordable. It looks relatively nice and I like it. Once again it is a brilliant fwd car. Best modern stock i4 engine too. It’s quick, cheap, reliable, practical, and affordable. Just Bc it’s fwd and a 4-banger doesn’t mean it deserves hate. Plus it’s a manual only option which is fun.


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