2019 Ford F-150 Raptor: Just How Much Better Is It?

http://www.TFLtruck.com ) Roman and Andre head to Utah to see what the updated 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor is all about.

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  1. It was awesome meeting you guys at this event. I really enjoyed tearing through the desert with you guys in the new Raptor!

  2. I'm not even a pickup truck guy but I really like the Raptor and if I ever get a pickup truck it would be the raptor no questions about it. in fact i'm thinking to get one. blue or white? which one folks?


  4. I really wanna buy it this year but someone recommended me to wait for the 2020 the V8 is coming.. is that true???

  5. how many offroaders can fix all this shit when it goes bad on the trail? way back in the middle of somewhere, not just up on gold mine hill outside of Boulder. Bed cleats broke first trip. Good thing you have lots of Raptors around so your buddies can take you back to town

  6. Went to the la auto show and looked at the raptor. If your 6'3 or taller you will not fit! I'm 6'6 and wow…was so cramped. What happened to Ford. 04-05 ford f250 6.0 powerstroke owner and have tons of room. Also my fj is waaaay more offroad capable than that ecoboost raptor

  7. Nice truck I love it but I can’t justify the payment for a v6 when I can get the Powerstroke for a few thousand more

  8. I love the Raptor but it's SO EXPENSIVE and for all that sodding money up to almost $80k there is so much that should be included and there is no excuse for features not being there.

  9. 64K USD, for a piece of shit engine, ha ha ha and still won’t be as durable as Toyota trucks…….really telling as to who buys these things…….

  10. 64K for a truck with a 6 cylinder engine, why not just buy a T-shirt that says, "I'm a sucker!". Oh Wait! You get a sticker! 600 bucks to put a light bulb in the bed, more good investments!
    "Grandpa, what was it like when you could buy gas cheap?" "Well sonny boy, we used to waste it driving around in trucks with seats that would heat up our ass! You better get pedaling to work, you're going to be late!"

  11. Has anyone talked to an engineer about the 7.0l gas coming out? fake acoustics and extra wear from turbos – and more computer tech means more hacking ability with the wifi unable to really turn off location settings. I would go to the last model year with the 6.2L (150k mile truck) and mechanical engine parts. estimate around 85-90k mile truck with the high output. have yet to see one raptor under load (more than 1 person, bed has actual equip like a cooler, compressor, fuel tanks, etc.. suitcase even?…) do any jumping or offroading for distance (besides tfl mountain testing).
    I do have a thing for full gauge sweep and staring at wasted space, the blue one had the small rpm gauge and the red had the full sweep, that way i can keep it in the power band – reduced turbo lag – with my peripheral and not seeing if my fake sounding 6 pot (inside with windows up) moved 1/4-1/2 inch on the cluster..
    current setup raptor with rooted (supercharged) 7.0L v8, or am I stuck with only hennessey's 800hp v8 twin turbo? (cannot fit a functional "sleeper" winch where the darn turbo intercoolers are located, don't give me trade-off) pulling myself out of the snow with a winch and pulley – why am i only finding reasons constantly to stick to a 1 ton rig srw? give me cummins/allison/ford everything else/ 4.56 ratio

    Also, should I just drop the helephant crate engine in this puppy and be on my way? (yes, realize i'll still need a higher tach…) if you don't know that's 1000hp out of the box plug and play.
    my bad for ranting…. hard to come from v8 na torque to this, this is like going from buttons to that bmw all-control knob….

  12. If only you could combine the raptor's exterior looks and performance with the new rams interior. it would be the perfect truck


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