2019 Ford F-150 Raptor | Still Not A V8, But Who Cares?

The Ford Raptor sees a few updates for 2019 including new suspension bits that make it better for on and off-road activities.

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  1. Faster than the old one? Yeah it is. Then putting it up against the new Hennessy VelociRaptor V8 states otherwise.

  2. How many people that are bitching about it being a v6 can actually afford one? I own a 2014 evo x gsr, 2012 mustang gt, had a 2018 Dodge Charger rt/scat pack until it got totaled so I custom ordered a 2019 ford raptor super crew and it arrives this month. The 2nd gen out performs the first gen raptor in every single category except sound. I love sound. I’m getting the gt500 (2020 or 2021) so absolute love the sound of a v8. But this raptor achieves better mpg and is faster than the v8.

  3. What is it 70 80k and no v8? Lol stupid, am sure ford is loving it though hella money savings for them.

  4. Like how John Davis calls it a …Wrap Tore… the "Fox shocks that resist bottoming out" gave me a giggle, like what else are they suppose to do??… but all the "No V8 no thanks" in the comments had me in tears. Ford doesn't care about pleasing people who buy high mileage beaters, they care about pleasing people willing to pay sticker off the showroom floor.

  5. I would rather spend $72K on this than a German luxury sedan. God knows it will retain a heck of a lot more of its value after 5 or 10 years. And it would probably put way more smiles on my face over those miles. Seems strange to say as I don't much care for trucks.

  6. Everybody cares. This truck sounds like a wheezing vacuum, which is why I assume you played elevator music throughout the video instead of single sound clip of the truck.

  7. There is allot special about a V8 but if your performance comes with more efficiency and balance, and capability. The V6 twin turbo can be a contender. Smart power, makes this a truck that is even better than ever. Going smart is better than going big.

  8. Who cares? Lot's of people. Just because Ford is selling these things doesn't mean that a V6 paired with a 10 speed trans wasn't a major screw up.

  9. Is there any vehicle on sale right now that screams America more than a Ford F-150 Raptor? I love these trucks. Almost makes you want to finance a $72,000+ pickup you have nowhere to go off-road with. America F yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!


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