2019 Ford Figo Blu Petrol Review – Top Changes & Performance

2019 Ford Figo is finally here, and I got the opportunity to drive it in and around the ‘Sun City’ Jodhpur. With a new petrol engine, …

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  1. If I have to pick between Ford Figo 1.5L Diesel and Tata Altroz 1.5L Diesel, what should be my pick in case of performance, highway stability and fun to ride? Also if you can please do a detail comparison between these two cars. Thank you!

  2. When you driving this ford figo, some drivers said it takes left side but the car is with no alignment problem

  3. i have ford figo 1.5 diesal Titanium dec 2015 best performance car & this is my first car & i am satisfied my figo love it & say viewer buy figo diesal 1.5 its real fun to drive car not any hatchback car like this . (Ludhiana Punjab ) Bhagat Ford

  4. Eagerly waiting for new generation 2021 ka model with new look n dashboard…hopefully come in 2021

  5. स्विफ्ट बलेनो औऱ i20 से भी बहेतर गाड़ी है इससे पोलो 21 है
    लेकिन बिकती बॉत कम है

  6. विकास भैया प्लीज रिप्लाई करके बताइए
    फोर्ड फिगो पेट्रोल ले ले या फिर टाटा अल्टरोज पेट्रोल
    परफॉर्मेंस किसकी ज्यादा अच्छी है

  7. Pata nahi ye sare reviewer bottle holders ke piche kyo pade rehte hai kithna pani chahiye bhai inko banda family ke shath bhi travel karta hai toh bhi 2-3 water bottle bohot hai bhai

  8. Vikas, nice review. Figo ka suspension kya Aspire aur FStyle se stiff h jyada ? Aur kya Baleno, swift jitna stiff h ?

  9. Hi Yogi
    I am your big fan and regular viewer.. I am confused between polo and figo.. which one to buy ? Pls help me with your advise

  10. Dear sir your video is awesome I am always watch your video. Thanks for your geniune review.. I want to know which car is best Tata Altroz or ford figo blue… Please sir help….


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