2019 Ford Figo Facelift Review – 5 Things To Know | ZigWheels.com

Ford has updated the Figo with cosmetic tweaks, new features, new petrol engines and a new Getrag-sourced 5-speed manual …

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  1. It's Ford my frnd, a company which makes car full of life, but m sorry to say U r too dead bro…. Show some spark man.

  2. Very nice reviews, pleased… Looks like feature films,great music, great film making ability. Every reviewer now does this… Only concern is you guys always review top end variant of the vehicles, none of them will cost less than 11 to 12 lakhs on road. Certainly they all will feel nice or awesome. As a consumer and channel viewer, I also like to know how does low end variants do. I will be paying around 7 to 8 lakhs on road for them as well. Does they match the top end variants when compared aspects like stability, performance, safety and must have features. People like me are least bothered about push button, apple car play, auto wipers or headlamps. Basic variants are not even available for test drives. So we, budget babu's rely on your reviews…please help, which is best low end variant of any car when it comes to safety, stability, performance and must have features.

  3. Sir diesel me Freeystyle titanium, Figo titanium ya Aspire Titanium?
    2200km/month ruining on 4 lane high way. my priority is best handling at 110kmph and best average at 60-70kmph…

  4. So many updates still the cluster looks very under styled especially the digital screen on the cluster.
    Ford should stop selling cars in India n stick to what they are good at, SUV pickups etc.
    Sub 4 hatch n sedans have been a total failure in India

  5. Touch infotainment system need driver to take eyes off the road compared to traditional knobs. That's step backwards not forward.

  6. This car gets old gen fprd touch screen system in India. We have this system in our 2017 Pre facelifted EcoSport titanium Ti-VCT . This system is somewhat laggy in terms of outright response to touch and functioning.
    Ford should have given it the same software as Freestyle, like Maruti does in its every car!

  7. This car really makes a good case in itself. Someone looking for safe affordable hatchback should look no further. Only thing I feel is they are bit late. Other then that this review was simply good. All information covered

  8. Desirability factor is low on this one. The car is good if someone is looking to buy in the same segment.

  9. Why no apple carplay or android auto?
    Why no projectors or drl?
    And why that ridiculous moustache in the front and rear?
    What are you smoking Ford India?

  10. Bad Figo… Appreciate the video shots though… The videos are improving… Keep it up… India loves Montages

  11. U just listed out things given in brochure which i can download and read…where is the review guys…

  12. Ford India has made the FIGO facelift a ricer car … Look at those pathetic sticker jobs, Whats wrong with them..? With the petrol why can't they provide the 1.5L with manual … Auto doesnt sell as much as the manual ..still ….. I hope they will launch the sport variant sensibly..


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