2019 Ford Focus ST first drive review

Ford’s reasonably-price hot hatch returns in all-new form, with an engine from the Mustang. After we were all wowed by the Focus …

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  1. I've now had mine for a month and I'm very impressed. It's my third Focus ST (the previous ones were 2013 and 2017 models), and it's the best by a considerable margin. It sounds far better and it's great fun to drive. New features such as rev-matching are good, and (sorry to mention this if you only ever drive on deserted mountain roads), the adaptive cruise control and rear parking camera are useful in town. I like being able to set the driving mode to 'normal' for when my wife is with me and 'sport' when not. I look forward to every journey. If it's on your short list, make sure you have a test drive. I did, and I was lured away from the latest Type R.

  2. Has anyone noticed that the car he's driving at 3:03 is blue (you can tell by the strip of paint in the door jamb) and the exterior shots are all of a yellow-orange car?

  3. I feel like With the previous generations Ford always took an element from the mk1, mk2 and added it on where as with the new 2019 model it’s like they just stole the design off a Peugeot or a KIA and said here we go, to actually put an ST badge on it as well, Lord knows what damage they will do to the RS I pray they don’t ruin that too.

  4. the same price as the much faster rs what the hell are they thinking. almost 10k more than the previous st. this is backwards not forwards. who would fall for this bs? its like the fools buying into apple, pay more for less


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