2019 Ford Mustang Ecoboost: Review

In this video I’ll go for a test drive & completely review the 2019 Ford Mustang Ecoboost! I’ll test out the acceleration, braking, …

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  1. Why not just use the 3.5 EcoBoost? My 2013 f 150 makes more power than this . I'll buy one when the 3.5 is standard.

  2. It's very strong. Don't gave me wrong. I have gt v8 v6 and now EcoBoost. R u kidding me. EcoBoost is not fast. Its faster then any car of mustang……

  3. great video. I used to have the V6 and loved it. Been looking at the GT's but too damn much. Thinking about the ecoboost….just hate the sound of exhaust

  4. I’m gonna get the 2017 version of this as my First car what do you guys think? How is the exhaust note?

  5. The idiot at my ford in Canada told me it’s v6 with eco boost . After arguing with the idiot I gave up. We bought. 2017 last Jan and was told then – that v6 are not being made anymore (which is sad)
    I didn’t like the eco boost at ALL how you could feel it pull when you accelerate and it goes to 70,80,90km and so on. Hated it . We bought a V6. Sad they don’t make the v6 anymore — that’s awful

  6. Ford dealer near me has a 2019 EcoBoost coupe automatic with performance pack in black and they have it marked down right now to $26k. Really thinking about it…would be my first new car.

  7. The top optioned 2019 Ecoboost (all options sans Magnaride) is the best car, best Mustang convertible, I have ever owned in 25+ years of car buying.

  8. crazy thing is that with just a ktune / air intake and just a few more other changes u can push this baby to 450+ horsepower mines is currently running at 420 hp

  9. I bought a ruby red premium convertible with the pony package, safety package, upgraded audio, 201a package, and show stopper red seats. I love this car!!!

  10. 2:57 the most unimpressed face I've ever seen from an acceleration, I don't think i can truly put money for a 4 cylinder car, if I want to make modifications, which i likely would, it wouldn't sound like a sports car either

  11. Interesting…let me guess there is no key hole on either door so when the battery goes out you are permanently locked out of your car and have to have it towed. My aunt has already experienced this with her Ford Five Hundred!

  12. Whyyyyyy are they still putting that tiny ass screen in the base model. Probably the only car on the market at this price range with a screen that’s the size of a phone lol


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