2019 Ford Ranger – First Review

Just in time for Ford to stop selling cars in the US, save for the Mustang, the 2019 Ford Ranger makes its reappearance. Not a moment too soon, Ranger. What’s …

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  1. The backseats need work in all the fucking trucks would it kill ford Chevy and dodge to make the back seats recline a little fuck!!!!!! Back seat comfort is important

  2. iF YOU CAN NOT DRIVE IT WHY REVIEW IT. I have the XLT in Australia with the 3.2 5 Cylinder and love it.

  3. Buy a Ranger Raptor if you want a bigger rig. I drove one recently and it was like driving a Rolls Royce (yep driven one of them). Quiet and power was OK. I'm buying a standard Ranger XLT in Australia. Removing rear seats fitting a fridge slide and some storage boxes. Carry a road trail MC and start touring the outback.

  4. My Ford explorer sport trac is waaaaaaaaaaay better designed and better lay out and function.
    Pluss has a v8 and looks better.
    Should have done better ford.

  5. I wish for the last of the 2011’s ford would’ve made a ranger with leather interior and a nice touch display. This thing is ugly as sin. I’d rather just buy a 2011 ranger even if it doesn’t come with any of the cool tech or benefits of newer motors. OEM’s are so busy trying to make trucks these disgusting looking futuristic pieces of crap; keep a good aggressive squared off body.

  6. What the good of doing a review if you cant drive it. Big thanks for wasting minutes off my life.

  7. With mild-hybrid trucks and the Rivian R1T 750 HP electric coming in 2020, I'm going to take a hard pass. I really like Ford as a company, but I think they missed innovating here. $40,000 for mid-sized 4×4? Nope. People often don't include the 2nd price tag for a truck, which is the $100 – $300 / month to fill your tank with gas. I'll wait for a $50K electric truck, thanks.

  8. It's too expensive and won't sell and Dealerships will mark it up.
    If Ford would drop all those extras and keep it simple, power windows, powered locks, automatic starting, and just a input jack for iPhone, keep 2.3 and 10 speed and knock $10,000 off list price for 2WD or knock $5000 for a 4WD with same basic features (because most people want the original basic Ranger and not a car) this will sell.
    Everyone knows they are putting to much electronic stuff into it to mark up price and dealerships will too then it won't sell. And I know other factors cause price to go up, address those and not pass it to consumers.

  9. This is the second time I’ve seen this reviewer, and she didn’t drive the vehicle either time. What’s up with that KBB?

  10. Please give me a truck with a 6 foot bed, enough headroom for a 6’5 man, 30mpg and under 25k. It can be on a Pinto frame I don’t care. Those are my only demands.

  11. I have a 2008 with 225k miles. It’s a complete piece of shit but for work it’s all I need. Why do you need a 80k truck? I’m so excited to get it

  12. Still driving my 2006 and hopefully it'll last a while longer, cause I won't be trading it in for one of these. They lost the entire point of the Ranger: a small, cheap(er) truck for people who don't want or need the complexity and size of a F-150, or the price to match. For what you get in this, and what you lose when compared to the F-150, you might as well just get the F-150.

  13. Nice use of movement while you talk about this truck. It left me wondering where did you come from? Where are you going? Who am I? That’s why the ranger is an existentialists dream.

  14. 2.3L??? Garbage. For that price, I rather go for a foreign vehicle. American vehicles just keep going down the hill.

  15. Too little too late Ford. "Can't drive it yet"? More like don't want to drive it. Gas prices are going sky high and it is outrageously overpriced. Style is all wrong; always see old dudes driving medium trucks so they aren't cool anymore.

  16. Why doesn't anyone make a standard small pickup? I know I'm not the only one who is tired off watching new trucks get bigger heavier and more expensive every year. I just want a little pick up!

  17. Thumbs down. Why?
    Must use 93 octane fuel for turbo.
    Full of gimmicks that don’t mean a thing.
    Over priced POS.
    Back seat will not lay flat? Are you Kidding me?
    More plastic than the toy section at Wal- Mart.


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