2019 Ford Ranger Lariat FX4 Off-Road Review

Ryan takes the 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat Off-Road FX4 on a mountain adventure in this full review of the new mid-size truck from …

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  1. Let's be honest… you forgot you had a locker going over those rocks. That wasn't an intentional scenario. Also, wondering why you said the Tacoma was better due to the mts system. Ranger has the same system WITH a snow mode.

  2. I'm currently in the market for a Ranger, but I feel in love with the Tremor model. That being said, it's incredibly hard to find one, and when I do, the price is often a few grand higher than the FX4. I've done my research on both and it seems like the Tremor is the FX4 but with extras to help with off-roading. It would be a daily driver and I can't imagine I'll be going off road that often, but would love the capability. Do you have an opinion on the Tremor, is it worth the money, or should I just find myself an FX4? (which is equally elusive)

  3. No hybrid option? There’s very little difference in fuel economy between this and an F-150 to begin with. This truck should get 30-35 mpg average.

  4. I've heard the ride is a bit firmer than the Tacoma or the Chevy versions of offroad trim midsize truck. BUT I equate this with the fact that with the Ranger you are not giving up ANY tow capacity and it still has a great Payload capacity. This is a tradeoff of keeping a suspension a bit stronger and tuffer to handle towing and hauling better at the expense of a bit more bumpy offroad, especially when running with no cargo. I applaud Fords decision to try to design the offroad trims WHILE STILL keeping the Utility specs of the base truck for hauling and towing UNLIKE MOST OTHER BRANDS WHO DO THIS. Yeah, it may be more cushy, but it is less Truck. If you want that, just get a Bronco or a 4Runner. Databyter

  5. I have owned two Tacomas, and just finished my car search and bought a Ranger. By far the superior truck for day to day use. Smoother on road ride, better performing EcoBoost Engine, and more room. What sold me as the ultimate decider was the Ford Customer Service.

  6. Airing down a bit will help with the "boingy" issue, but most don't seem to do that with their vehicles unless they are actual off-roaders. Also, you can SLOW DOWN. 😉

  7. The problem of this version is this gasoline engine. A turbodiesel there’s a lot more torque and it comes earlier, with less fuel consumption, that also gives you a better autonomy and better resale value

  8. You missing an opertunity to try that rear locker when you had that rear tire up. Would have liked to see that.

  9. A couple year old video but still relevant. Drove both Ranger FX4 and Tacoma TRD Off Road while shopping for my son. We both hated the bouncy Ranger ride. At 6'1 we both have no issues 'fitting' in the Tacoma. Got the Tacoma for him. Think everyone knows which will be more reliable over a couple hundred thousand miles. We have no brand loyalty as we've never owned a Toyota or a Ford.

  10. For me it was Colorado ZR2. Ranger FX4, or 4Runner TRD Offroad. Because of the cramped cabin the Tacoma wasn't in the running.

  11. how is it fun to just sit there and let the truck do everything? I don't get why these companies think people don't like to do anything when driving.


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