2019 Ford Ranger Review: The mid-size king is back

Everyone’s been waiting for the 2019 Ford Ranger. The fervor surrounding Ford’s midsize pickup redux is the sort you’d normally …

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  1. Anyone who says this thing isn't fuel-efficient , needs to stop driving it like an idiot.

  2. If FCA brought back the Dakota with a v8 option (although unlikely) I wonder how it would compare? In 2011 the 4.7 v8 was doing 310 hp and 330 ft. lb. of torque, imagine what it could do with an 8 speed transmission with a 3.92 or 4.10 rear end….

  3. Raptor version with Turbo Diesel with automatic transmission in Philippines very nice top of the line, not even available in America. and no changes to 2020 USA ranger. But in America an XLT no leather, no bed liner, less than 300 hp 4 cylinder 4×4 supercrew and cost over 40k. But the Raptor in Asia cost 10k dollars less than the XLT i described and its price in America,. This indicates to me that the pricing on these trucks kind of shitty. Can anyone tell me of a vehicle that was less than 300hp, no leather for any model other than the top of the line for at or over 40k. Cause that is what a decently equipped 4×4 supercrew ranger cost.

  4. Awesome truck! I've test driven all the midsize offerings & the Ranger has best powertrain/tech/festures by far. The king Is back. Ppl will love this guaranteed .

  5. I saw a Ranger, and I am pretty sure it said Raptor on the side….43,000!!! For a 2.3 four cyl!

  6. Great seating position.
    Engine better than the rest. Interior nice. But not great. Good suspension for truck. 4×4. Price? Yes, $42,000 for Lariet and 4×4 is much, unless it comes with 6 cylinder turbo. Ranger Raptor will be $50,000 plus.

  7. Well I finally got a chance to drive a Ranger Lariot. After all the hype, I was expecting more from the drivetrain but have to say that I believe either one of my Subarus, the 3.6r or my wifes Forester XT will smoke this truck. Now I could only test drive it in the city and never had more than a 45mph speed limit but have to ask where is all the power that they have been talking about? Maybe folks are fooled by the fake noise through the speakers but it felt pretty much like a small four cylinder to me.
    The back seat area was not designed very well at all. If you put the seat up, you have no room for anything else because the seat remains in the way.
    I have had two earlier Rangers that cost less than half as much as the new one but it sure seems now like manufacturers are giving us less and expecting more money for an inferior product.

  8. The Ranger was never a midsize truck in the United States. And it's still an up hill battle for the Ranger to see if it can knock off the Tacoma who is and has been the midsize truck King for quite some time!

  9. 120 and still have not gotten it right.. ford initial quality.. Is just that.. initial.. Toyota is the best.. Engineers take notes.. Japanese will own auto market.. EV market too.. My F-150 is junk.. I put 200k on Toyota and sold it on eBay in an hour for 1/3 of it initial price.. That says it all.. Resell Value..

  10. Toyota’s Texas-built Tundra is in a class by itself when it comes to reliability. In the nine years this decade Consumer Reports took surveys and ran tests on the pickup, Tundra scored the highest marks eight times. (In the ninth year, it scored above average.)

    Compared to other pickups, Tundra is noteworthy because it has not undergone a redesign since 2007. Toyota started out great and continued perfecting it ever since. Among half-ton pickups, it’s easily your best bet for reliability.

  11. @Roadshow

    @3:50 The COMPLAINT that there is no assist on the tailgate. Just how soft are we getting that this is a problem??!!


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