2019 Ford Ranger Review

Ranger Lariat.

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  1. I was eagerly waiting for the Ranger to make a come back. I love trucks but after driving a Dodge Dakota for a few years I craved a Ford. I was looking at the new F150s & almost pulled the trigger. But my wife & I bought a 30’ Travel Trailer so, I needed a bigger truck. After looking for awhile, I found a sweet ‘05 F350 6.0L stock except for an Edge Evolution CS2 stock tuned, leveled, deleted, studded, straight pipped, coolant bypass filter & axel dump exhaust.
    Pulls the trailer with ease! This is my first diesel, so I have a learning curve for sure, Lol!

  2. this is bs. the price is in the fullsize truck area….why buy this when an F150/F-250 is CHEAPER…..this is just a scam for stupid people

  3. The Ranger is a better built Truck than Toyota Tacoma according to all the youtube channels and tests….Ford uses a bigger bolder boxed frame….Toyota Still using a C channel .  Ford Ranger has rear Disc Brakes And Toyota is still using drums. Ford Ranger is using better quality interior parts and the cabin is more Comfortable.  THIS list can go on and on and on…..Ford never Disappoints.

  4. Would pull the trigger on one right now but I feel like there is a lot of stuff missing.its 2019..LED headlights should be standard.for a 46k midsize truck there needs to be a sunroof option and cooled seats.also a premium cloth option on lariat would be nice for people who hate leather.

  5. The 2019 Ford Ranger was a wonderful truck to drive I liked just about everything about it. That B&O sound system is not worth the money though, it didn't impress me at all. I also don't like what they did with the backseat because I tend to haul some stuff back there and it just doesn't seem to be well thought-out. The engine and transmission are superbly calibrated and the engine pulls really hard without making a bunch of noise. The ride and control is very nice for a truck and the whole thing seems very agile and eager to move. I actually prefer the ranger over the Toyota Tacoma TRD sport that I had for a test drive.

  6. Well, Americans are getting more fat, guess it makes sense for our pickups to get big and fat too.


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