2019 Ford Ranger vs. 2018 Toyota Tacoma: Real-World Test — Pickuptrucks.com

With the advent of the 2019 Ford Ranger, we wondered how it compared to the sales king of mid-size trucks, the 2018 Toyota …

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  1. I owned a '12 Tacoma TRD Off road I bought new and I now own a '20 Ranger Lariat FX4. Primary reasons I left Tacoma…I am 6'3 and in the Tacoma It was like I was looking through the top of the windshield and was uncomfortable. And then the power train on the Tacoma is/was pretty bad. I live in Wyoming and at altitude it was really bad where the Ranger Turbo kicks ass at altitude. I am not bad mouthing Tacoma. It served me over the years, but I am much happier with my Ranger. Reliability/resale with present engineering and the popularity of all trucks in USA has made those non factors. Overall it is amazing how well built vehicles are these days,

  2. I’d take the taco anyday. That ranger will be in a junkyard somewhere being made into soda cans while the taco is still on the road truckin. Not to mention the taco is superior off road. The taco is the Swiss Army knife of trucks.

  3. Had a 98 ranger. Powerful motor, but the tranny just died with no warning or noises. Paint was atrocious, ford wouldn't back up their product. These new rangers look nice but theyre terrible off road. they will switch, by themselves, from low to hi range. nice, not going for that. tacoma back seat folds flat. Makes lots of room. Ford doesn't. I'll take a Tacoma any day. No more fords for me.

  4. Was this video sponsored by Ford? As someone who has previously owned a current gen (2016) Tacoma and is in the market looking at both the Ranger and Tacoma as my top choices for next vehicle, it is absolutely NOT this one sided

  5. I think the Tacoma looks better and I tend to trust Toyota reliability over Ford, but the Tacoma's price has ballooned out of control in Canada. A Ranger XL with FX4 costs nearly $10 000 CDN less than a Tacoma TRD Off road. While in the US it's only a $3000 USD difference.

  6. Ford's is sport, I believe toyota's is for select or something, sport on the ranger is still automatic and pushing the buttons is up to the driver

  7. I am a long time Tacoma owner but recently bought a new 2021 Ranger. I like and considered both trucks, but the slightly larger and more refined Ranger was my choice this time. I hope the Ranger has the long term reliability I enjoyed with my Tacoma.

  8. Competition is good for the market, but Toyota still isn’t listening. 2 years after this review, the Tacoma is unchanged. I bought a Ranger Lariat FX4 reviewed here. Great truck. Quite the looker in person, especially in white pearl tri-coat.

  9. Bought a tacoma this year. If the ranger is still around in another 4 years and if it looks like a small raptor. Better believe im buying that ford

  10. Fuck ford really … Toyota is the winner here and we all should know it buy now …hello ford big pile of shit

  11. I’m sticking to my Toyota. You forget to mention has 110/220 plug in. My 2nd Tacoma has 120,00miles, 2010. It got rear ended, the insurance still gave me $21,000.00 without hesitation.

  12. For those questioning Ford quality and durability. This truck has been tried and true in extreme other world markets, Australia to mention but one, for many, many years. Likewise, the 2.3 ltr turbo has been tested for I believe a couple of million miles in RnD, and in the real world as this motor is used in a couple of it's products all in different markets all over the world. We're not in the 50's people…

  13. Seems like a very biased review.Not interested in aluminium trucks personally. Ford may have the power department for now but it along with all the bells and whistles don't mean a thing when your on the side of the road, just like my Exploder left me

  14. The only complaint that I have with the mid-size truck designs is how the back seat areas are always inadequate. I see small cars with there backseat areas being far more comfortable to sit in for a long road trip than these midsized trucks. The back rest designs are always to upright and no leg room and not enough bed space. This is why I would prefer an extended cab because it looks sportier and you get more bed space, unless they offer a long bed version for the crew cab designs which different companies had before. Most importantly, these companies on mid-size trucks need to get the back seat designs up to speed with midsize cars. Try taking a eight hour road trip with a design like these two trucks in this video. That would suck…!!!

  15. I get it the Tacoma is meant for camping ..offroad…so why doesnt it have the survival platforms…charging ports in the back?..storage spaces? i like the flat floor for the back seats once the seat come down +….reliability+ ….rear leg room..awful…do they want you to go offroad by yourself or with little people?

  16. The 2020 tacoma is a lot smoother than the previous year model's. As far as shifting. Considering how expensive used TACOMAS are. Maybe people should consider 2020 Toyota tacoma with all the improvements they've done like the seat and adjustment of the floor that makes it alott more comfortable.

  17. You should delete this video, you make alot of generalizations, and suggest that a year old Toyota isn't "tech" enough, when you compare it to a top end Ford Ranger.

  18. I had a 2001 Ranger and liked it. It had the durable 4.0 V6. If Ford came out with a V6 option I would consider it. Readers need to consider that this 4 cylinder turbo that is hailed on this video will not have the longevity and long term durability of a non aspirated V6. If you want to keep your trucking term like i do, the Toyota is clearly light years ahead. That why they sell so many more trucks in this class. People are starting to wise up.

  19. I don’t own either but have owned a ford. What about quality. Ford has those A plans otherwise they are way overpriced!!


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