2019 Ford Transit Custom Review

Watch our new 2019 Ford Transit Custom Review AutoeBid. Video Review, posted by AutoeBid, your best source of new car deals and discounts. We also offer …

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  1. Nice video but personally I would like to see the base model looked at. I doubt most that are sold will be the "all singing, all dancing" versions like the one shown

  2. My company Opel Vivaro just gave up a month ago, started stalling out while driving for no apparent reason at all. No rough running or anything. It ran fine, then suddenly died. For a few weeks it would start right back up again, bit one fine day I was stuck on my way home with a thoroughly dead van. My boss ended up leasing a new Ford Custom van, 130hp version, and I absolutely love it! Such a solid ride, quiet, powerful and practical. I would definitely recommend this van.

  3. Its just a pity Ford have still not done anything to improve the security on the vans which really is not good enough , ask anybody what there main concern is and they will say security of the van ,the locks are shockingly bad and the transit is still the easiest van to break into and drive away , i wouldn't touch one with a bargepole…….!!!

  4. I used to have a 2014 Ford Transit Custom 2.2L (155hp) TDCi double cab Limited and it was a fantastic van, recently I drove the new Transit Custom with the 2.0L (130hp) Eco Blue engine and was amazed at the extra grunt from the smaller engine. Love the look of the new Sports Style double cab.

  5. This new van has a stupid way to calculate when you need a oil change. Just had the van for 4 months and its saying it needs an oil change. Just done 3000 miles!!!

  6. There is the Combi minibus or the expensive luxurios Tourneo large MPV,both of them can either seat eight or nine.


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