2019 Ram 1500 vs 2018 Ford F-150 Truck Comparison

It seems like every pickup out there has a huge hurdle to clear if they want to be deemed successful. It’s called the Ford F-150, …

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  1. I get it- it was intro schtick…but "most popular therefore best…" Way too many actually think that way.

  2. Here is the true fact nobody says is for engineering doesnt let you work on the truck. For makes it where the truck has to be brought to the dealer to fix anything… prove me wrong.

  3. i drive a mustang but my ram is my favourite from day one. i had chevy and ford trucks also gm the only one that fails me is chevy, its just not finish built except for duramax.

  4. Wow that Ford can tow 450lbs more. Like that’s gonna make me buy the Ford over the ram. Ram is way better in every way shape and form, 450lbs isn’t gonna change my mind for towing capacity.

  5. This ford has 450hp and 510ft torque it’s a 2019 they have the raptor engine. Do your research before you guys review trucks.

  6. I need the 3 big guys to make a truck that is just a truck, nothing else, based luxuries like A/C and power windows, and a big ol' turbodiesel.

  7. They left their pomeranian at home… This review is comical.. No way either of these two would own a truck

  8. The F150 is probably vastly more reliable, something that reviews seldom mention. All the equipment and numbers are subjective. Some need or want this or that and so on. How does it hold up? How soon does I.e. the water pump fail on a Ram? How about everything else? Yup. Available data suggests that the Ford has a lot less problems which is probably why they sell a LOT more trucks. BTW I have a Ram and while I like it in terms of power comfort and design I am not too impressed with reliability. Back to Ford next time? Maybe.

  9. I realized I was watching two idiots when I heard this dude compare burgers to trucks and McDonald’s to ford

  10. I just bought a Ram Rebel 2020 so my landlord is mad because my last rent check bounced but I have 0% apr with chrysler capital and he has Hummer H1 but a bolt broke off in his block so he has to take apart his engine so I have last laugh

  11. Who the hell is buying these things? $68,000 for a truck? I’m not rich but I make decent money. Let’s put it this way, I didn’t get any stimulus money. Anyway, no way I can afford this. That’s like a $1200 car payment. You’d have to be an idiot or a multi millionaire before that makes any sense at all.

  12. Drive them both, buy the one that suits you best.

    Fanboys of any brand that swear undying loyalty to a company who only cares about profit are funny.

  13. In my view it has been down hill for Ford after 2003 model year. We have had a 2010, 2011 and a 2013. The 2010 has had on going issues from day one. We traded in the 2011 after Ford said they were in able to solve the problems and said it's just a characteristic of the vehicle. Even though the 4×4 would not properly engage. The 2013 has been a bit better but not by much. We bought a Ram to replace the 2011 and the Ram has been far more reliable and just a better pickup. We used to be Ford supporters but that day is over, just like the quality of their trucks.

    Plate [C]

  14. You will have problems with all trucks but the Ford is always going to be plagued with big problems. Never again will I buy a Ford. One and done.


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