2020 Ford Explorer ST Is a Fast Family SUV

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  1. Just bought a 2022 ST with the performance pack. Extremely happy and impressed with what you get for $60k. Other vehicles that check all the same boxes (minus some, in some cases) are $70-80k. Not sure if Doug missed this, but the drive and passenger seats are massaging. Might not have been available in the 2019 year he reviewed?

  2. one of the fastest family 3 rows……4 out of 10. lol logical. thats the only one of your scores that isnt an opinion

  3. Love everything but the mickey mouse looking gear shift dial which is a deal breaker for me. I could just imagine fumbling with that at night or in direct sunlight. Bad design in my book. They should have used the late model Ford Taurus shift lever instead ..

  4. My friend has a 2020 Explorer. Needed a transmission at 14,000 miles. Look up the reviews of the Explorers cars falling apart on the Highway, routinely losing transmissions at less than 10,000 miles!

  5. Lol “Ford performance” but they stick in massage seats and all this extra crap that weighs it down. Why didn’t they put that money into brembos ???.

  6. If the highlander didnt look so much like a mini van.!!!! I would love to get one.. I like aggressive front end

  7. For this price the stitching should match the exterior paint, every speaker grille should match the aluminum B&O covers, the screen should be built into the dash and horizontally mounted, the whole dash should be wrapped in soft touch materials, no interior panel gaps, every light should be an LED, the hood should have 2 gas struts instead of a prop rod, the strut brace should be paint matched to the exterior and more esthetically pleasing, color combinations for the interior and exterior should be more abundant, less wind noise, 20:37 almost rear ended (idiot in a truck), there should be less tech on this vehicle (this creates a maintenance nightmare and not something someone who spent $57K on a vehicle should experience).

  8. I believe this 2020 is also when Ford Explorer went back to RWD biased system for the driveline. Even in AWD its RWD biased which is a nice chance back to this layout!

  9. ok… I saw new Explorer and I definitely stay with previous. New vehicles should be improved, but this definitely not especially 3rd row and trunk!

  10. I bought a 2021 fully-loaded $85,580 (including taxes) Ford Explorer ST in white as my first car because my parent's said that I'll have to earn and pay for what I want and I paid for it with all the money I've saved up for the last 5 years since I was 16 years old, and I can't complain I love it! EDIT I'm 21 year's old so still relatively Young to be driving an $85,580 SUV.

  11. They're nice but why did they make the new Explorers and Escapes shorter. I like the old ones, I like being up high.


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