2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Review | Big Changes for 2020

In this video I’ll go for a test drive & completely review the NEW 2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost! I’ll test out acceleration, braking, …

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  1. Getting my 1st mustang eco next march at 19 got a lot In mind to do to it when I get it imma come back to these comments

  2. I own a 21 eco carbonized gray! With the 101a all I could want from a mustang other then a v8 lol.

  3. I was debating on getting this and a new Toyota Camry and I’m glad I got a mustang eco boost !

  4. Yoo this is the first real review of the 101a package I’ve seen!! Great review! if anyone’s considering getting the eco the 101a is definitely the way to go.

  5. what they dont tell people these turbo will burn out wit age and heavy uses compare to normal engine due to stress.

  6. I was not expecting this much power when I put the pedal to the floor. I about shat myself lol. Awesome car!!

  7. I have the 2019. Not seeing enough reason to upgrade to the 2020. Maybe the 2021 when it arrives.

  8. Gosh, as much as I want one, they start at around $60,000 in Ireland for the base model. Not to mention the crazy insurance cost for an engine bigger than a 2l (2.3l is considered big by insurance), and the ridiculous tax since it's not the most efficient, with petrol costing around $6.20/gallon on top. I currently drive a 1.4l ford with 68hp, with my insurance cost starting at $3.5k.
    I was thinking about getting a Toyota gt86, but every insurance company refused to quote me for it!
    Maybe when I'm 40 the insurance will be cheap enough, I'll get it some day 🙂

  9. I really want Ecoboost Mustang or V6 Challenger. I'll get top of the line V8 if cost of gas isn't an issue though.

  10. I cheaped out and got the base model 20 ecoboost, I love it but i definantly regret not upgrading to the premium!!! I'll probably upgrade in a couple yrs.

  11. When you say "the best of both worlds", which you repeat, which two "worlds" are you referring to? I am seriously contemplating getting a new Mustang and I would like to know. Thank you.

  12. I've had a 2020 Ecoboost since March now and I can attest to it being more than enough power for fun drives down country roads and empty interstates. If you want to haul your way through track days, get the GT…but frankly, you wouldn't embarrass yourself in an Ecoboost, either, especially w/ the performance pack.

    One weird thing people don't talk about much is interior maintenance: the current Mustang setup is extremely easy to keep clean and scratch/scuff free inside. Their cloth seats are a resilient material, don't stain easily, and there's basically no opportunity for peeling or cracking on the interior interfaces.

  13. Ford must have a foreigner designing these cars now. That's ugly as hell. My 67 was wonderful. My 98 started to lose flare. My 2013 convert still looks better than this. This doesn't look like a mustang at all anymore. Fords American style is DEAD.

  14. Man I am old. A Mustang with a turbocharged four-cylinder. That’s like biting into a Reece’s peanut butter cup and finding out they replaced the peanut butter with garlic. I continue to listen and it gets worse… 10 speed automatic with paddle shifters. Yuck.

  15. So, I am torn between an Ecoboost and a GT. Now before everyone yells, "Uh duh, get the GT", I was in the same boat. Until I factored in payments, insurance, gas mileage, prop tax, and others. I drove a GT the other day and man, what a car. I am going to drive an ecoboost tomorrow and see what I think. This will defiantly be a tough decision.


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