2020 Lexus GX 460 Walk Around | Lexus

Launch 2020 Lexus GX 460 SUV newly updated. The most advanced car ever designed to handle anything ….

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  1. We are so excited to show you the new 2020 Lexus GX! Hit the like button if you dig the new redesign and let us know what you like about it in the comments!

  2. My brand new 2020 GX 460 creaks like an old clanker. Dealer states that this very laud creak is a normal noise for Lexus. Fake luxury.

  3. Hey Lexus, how bout you you fix this clunking sunroof on my gs350 f sport and stop trying to tell me it's a wear and tear item.

  4. Don't ever stop making the GX 460! After hearing the sound system by Mark Levinson and rave reviews on it's reliability, I will be buying one in four years!

  5. why the incandescent turn signals and reverse lights? hope they are LED next redesign! love the car though!

  6. In 2012 we bought a Lexus RX now since our kids are bigger we regret buying the RX and we think we should have bought a GX.

  7. I can't find any flaws in the interior design, nor does it look bad from the outside, but I think it should be a little higher at the bottom than just the car!

  8. reads like a scripted advertisement, no one is going to "off road" this thing where it looks flat, rocks and other obstacles aren't exactly 10 inches high at your convenience, it will scrape up the sidesteps a long while ago.

  9. Lobo The hunted
    On a 3rd note I’ve owned about 10 different 4runners over the years ranging from 1996- 2010. V8s, v6s 2004 v8 non vvti and 2005 vvti. Everyone of them has been absolutely amazing and never left me stranded upwards of 330k on latest 2008 sequoia 5.7v8. I recently bought my wife a 2005 gx 470 v8 vvti with 140k miles with impeccable service hx at Lexus. Not later than 1 month of ownership the engine light. A trach light came on. Loud annoying noise came on blower sound and wife said she couldn’t go over 15 mph. Top speed. Serious issue. She limped it home towed to Lexus. Turns out it was a 2ndary air injection pump had gone out. They locate this pump underneath the intake manifold most horrible place on earth!!! Hours if labor to get to it’s. It’s only for emissions to pump air into the cat converters on start up to reduce emissions. Quoted $2100 to replace the pump and valves near the pump. Mostly labor. Unbelievable!!! Read up on this it’s a big issue that they’ve had on these and it’s very expensive! Think some where covered under a warranty depending on mileage and year. My 470 wasn’t under a warranty although numerous complaints of failure. But the gx 460 was. I ended up bypassing it with a 300.00 part as I don’t need emmisiond but not exact impressed with Lexus I mean it’s basically a lansxruiser Prado right!!! But to have this design 2ndary air injection pump he such a weak link in a vehicle if this status I’m flabbergasted!! I seriously fixed the pump and replaced two valves but out of fear of leaving me stranded on a Cross county trip if it goes out again stuck at 15mph with zero power of it failed on us. So I bypassed the system so that couldn’t happen. The fact they designed such a horrible design with this pump location rather than putting it next to passenger side accesible easy on Toyota’s tundras etc just rubs me wrong and I dint have the trust to jump into a 460 and move away from my 4runners for that exact reason. The 4runners some do have the 2ndary air pump but the point is I’ve owned for over 15 years and Toyota’s never had one go out!!! If you review the Lexus air injection pump issue major problem.., spread the word..

  10. Interior still looks like 4 runner and still with a 6 speed , toyota lexus definitely going down hill compared to the competition !

  11. So overdue for a redesign, it’s like being served a frozen dinner that is freezer burn from being in there for years and years… not that I know what it tastes like as I would have trashed it. Lexus can do so much better than this. And where is fuel economy technology? Your the hybrid king and fail to provide advance fuel efficiency tech to your client. Love my Lexus but damn the competition is looking appealing now. Fossil fuel days are numbered. Next battery breakthrough will prove me right. You could be the one, instead you wait… and see… and serve us 18 mpg pathetic


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