2020 Lexus RX 350 & 350 F SPORT Walk Around | Lexus

Launch 2020 Lexus RX 350, RX 350 F SPORT, and RX 450h SUV lineup! Join our team as it takes ….

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  1. Let us know which RX model you want the most and why in the comments below! Also, if you like the video please hit the like button so we can keep making more awesome content for you guys!

  2. I prefer a three row. Heated front and rear seats. I love you detailed presentation, 20' tires in more black spokes. Ind sides beeper alert, the panoramic rear view. Is there a front speaker system for rear passengers? Are the air vents above all three rows or the bottom ? AWD. No moon roof. Bench. Not a hybrid. Dark reddish/burgandy exterior. Grey interior. Need to see where all cameras are located. 3.5 v6.

  3. This is the worst styled LUXURY SUV being sold. Land Rover, BMW, Lincoln, Audi, Mercedes, even Bentley all have conservative styled SUVs that look pleasing to the eye, both inside and out.

    While Lexus stying is so radical, controversial and over-the-top, with far to many angles and disproportionate front grills. Lexus can't decide whether they want the RX 350 to look like a race car or luxury SUV.

  4. I love how I see a bunch of car reviews and car videos in general and can’t drive until like 4 years from now but my first car will definitely be a Toyota or Lexus

  5. Currently own a Camry but definitely planning to get the RX350 F-Sport as my next vehicle. Would love to get one with a panoramic roof though.

  6. Was waiting for the gal to get frustrated…no place to put her purse amongst the center console. 1st thing my wife said driving home her new 2018 RX450H.

  7. Are there any changes in straight line performance ? I feel like RX should be faster from 100 to 200kmh in order to be more comfortable on European highways.

  8. I drive everyday by the Toyota Research Institute in Los Altos. I have seen autonomous Waymo vehicles. I have seen autonomous Ford vehicles. I have seen autonomous vehicles from small startups. I have never once seen an autonomous Toyota. Toyota is not doing enough to push their autonomous vehicle development. This will cause them to lose a lot of sales to other companies.

  9. Better automated driving features please. The first to have features better than current Tesla models will capture the market. And the automated plans of Toyota right now are extremely weak. I will not buy a new RX until there is substantial progress there.

  10. The RX F Sport is SICK! And the touch screen is something I wish my current BMW had in it. Have to say this is looking like my next vehicle.


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