2021 Audi RS7-R – WILD RS 7 from ABT!

Audi RS7-R Sportback and ABT (2021) – Exhaust Sound, Interior and Exterior Engine: V8, 4.0 L, 740 Ps, 920 Nm Special for ….

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  1. the exterior is absolutely jaw dropping but i was a bit disappointed by the sound of the exhaust.. hopefully that wasn't in dynamic mode, but in comfort mode

  2. Good morning Guys, can somebody tell me which color of vinyl is that? This looks great!

  3. I prefer the old red lights on dashboard, don´t like the blue lights but gotta say that is the most beautiful car i´ve ever seen in my life

  4. Очень хороший ролик,бес слов)
    Машина сама по себе уникальная так еще в ней ты себя чувствуешь пушинкой.


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