2021 BMW 7-Series Long – Sound, Interior and Exterior in detail

BMW 740Ld xDrive (2021) – Exhaust Sound, Interior, Exterior Engine: 6, 3.0 L, 340 Ps, 700 Nm, Diesel Special thanks to BMW ….

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  1. 73211 bmw 7series long car supply me farm veng district let go I need to place my country

  2. I fucking sat in this car on an Uber
    And he was dressed fancy and opened the door for me. Never felt so special and comforted in my entire life.

  3. I just want to know if these things still burn oil and smoke out of the tail pipe. BMW 7 Series Has always looked nice. I gave up on BMW because they were embarrassing. You couldn't get 2k miles or less without having to buy gas and then try to hide the fact that you had to carry oil with you on a road trip. So without going on and on someone answer the real question do they still burn oil and battery problems❓ Let's be serious here. Because I went back to Mercedes S Class.


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