2021 FERRARI 812 GTS Stallone author MANSORY – Noise, Inside and Exterior details

MANSORY Stallone GTS from Ferrari 812 GTS (2021) – Start, Sound, Internal and External Engine: V12, 6.5 L, 830 Ps, ….

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  1. I wonder if I was to ever become rich enough to afford an 812 Superfast, if all my taste would flip upside down and If would then find myself thinking; you know what this beautiful car needs, a giant stuck on wing. Yea that's what it needs.
    Mansory, for millionaires in the 16 to 19 year old bracket.

  2. I had playback at 0.25 for extra Italian effect. Exquisite car. Great camera work. I'm sure it's a dream to test. Red is my Fav

  3. Cheap plastic in the cabin. The car is clearly not worth the money that is asked for it.

  4. Yo Adriana! Come see my new car. (Everything looks great without license plates as well)

  5. Cała Magdalena w chuście.jej tapczan poranna toaleta, zaczesywanie włosów… to jaka była pracowita …kiedy żyła wtedy wszystko wydawało mi się prostsze …pamiętam pewien jesienno zimowy okres kiedy w Karczewie babcia Ania i Magdalena siedziały na krzesłach spojrzałem melancholijnie za okno … Tej melanchlii niedało się opisać …

  6. Tell to Mansory that the Italian flag is "Green, White, Red", not "Red, White, Green". Putting a reversed Italian flag on an Italian car is blasphemy.

  7. It's beautiful on the outside but inside is a bit wild with to much mansory name everywhere. I would still have it in a second.


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