2021 Ford Bronco | MotorWeek Road Test

The original, 1960s Ford Bronco is a true automotive icon. Tidy, simple, and immensely rugged. And while Ford claims that the …

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  1. MW seems a little less bullish on the Bronco than CR or C&D. But as a Wrangler owner for nearly 20 years I'll admit this is serious competition for my beloved Wrangler. The biggest difference for me is safety. All the modern safety features are standard on the Bronco and add-ons with the Wranglers (some like curtain airbags are still inexplicably unavailable). The next time I unload my wallet it may be in a Ford dealership.

  2. i am willing to bet that windshield on the new bronco is a rock chip magnet. screen protector for your phone….windshield protector for your car.

  3. These are the ugliest things they look like shoe boxes with wheels, It's my opinion there ugly as hell. Jeep kills this shoe box.

  4. 2021 Bronco colors… 2 reds, 2 blues, 1 white, 1 yellow, and 5 grays, or silver gray, or muddy gray, shiny gray… whatever you like to call it. Ford has announced the 2022 Bronco, there will be an additional 87 shades of gray… joining the current 5 grays… Did Ford hire some color blind dude in charge of marketing… WTF…

  5. He's still alive. I would watch this show on late Saturday mornings with my interest in Mustangs, Camaros IROC Z, and sporty imports.


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