2021 Ford Bronco Sport: Off-Road, Snow and Overlanding Review

The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport is a (sub)compact crossover with a big chest of off-road features. Do the G.O.A.T. modes really matter …

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  1. I am about to take my Bronco Sport press loaner off-road tomorrow and was looking for a video to show me what I can expect once I hit the trail. Out of the many videos I watched yours stood out by properly challenging the car and the technical analysis you add. Seeing as you have many videos like this I can reference for future off-road trips (I'm a novice off-roader so I really need all the help haha) you just earned yourself another subscriber. Keep it up!

  2. Love the review Ryan! I have a question the drivers seat. A handful of reviews have mentioned that the drivers seat would be more comfortable on long drives if the seat was deeper or came out closer to their knee bend, and it caused extra strain on their upper leg. Did you notice anything about the comfortability for longer term drives?

    when I replace my 02 grand Cherokee I’m looking at the badlands or forester wilderness. But I can’t really test drive it for hours when neither are found on lots in this current car economy

  3. Now I wonder if Ford ever will adapt the rear lock-out and offroad system to the maverick since they have the same or similar drivetrain. It can be like Maverick Tremor/raptor edition.

  4. Not to argue, the Xterra has that back-seat head space (i still have my 2000). The roof lifts up and give the rider an extra 3 or 4 inches of head space. The seat is higher than the front seats also, giving that stadium seating effect. I dont know if it would be considered in the same class as the Sport, but i think so because the Xterra is not gigantic like the full sized Bronco. I'm finally thinking of getting a new vehicle and every day i research, the Bronco sport looks like it is going to win. Thank you for your review!

  5. Sadly, a little hard to justify the price with the price increase.

    MSRP is at 36K base now for the 22 Badlands, if you can find one at MSRP.

  6. I have watched a lot of your videos and I think you do amazing. As a viewer I think I miss a lot of information on the vehicles you are review in specific to drive modes. I don’t understand why you don’t try to navigate switching the modes out of smart. I want to know if mode like sport mode offer something to the scenarios and I was disappointed that you spent the last couple minutes of the video trying to prove that the modes where not as beneficial which honestly just got you in an even worse situation. I would of loved to see the modes in actual play and how they effected the experience.

  7. I don't even own a Ford and I can't freaking stand the door open sound they make. It's irritating in every Ford review I hear.

  8. Love the styling! I don't go off roading only trails here and there. So with aggressive off road tires or snow tires should suffice. I am considering also the Ford Maverick pickup truck hybrid FWD, as well as the Tesla Model Y AWD. The Bronco looks is gorgeous.

  9. Impressive, but at that price would probably jump up to the four runner, even though the BS gets quite a bit better gas mileage.

  10. I’ve already decided that this will be my next car. I’m planning on getting one this year, replacing my last car of 14 years! I would go with the regular Bronco, but seeing as how I do a lot of city driving and commuting, I think the Sport is going to be much more comfortable and more economical on the commute. It’s definitely a much better balance.

  11. Quality is top notch, Ive just subscribed recently and have been binging episodes. Arent you nervous out there all on your own?

  12. Prices for even base broncos are ludicrous right now, but what draws me to them over the other off road competition is that they can still take the same necessary upgrades (2.5" lift, 33" tires, fox shocks), and have significantly better gas mileage than a wrangler. Including that I'm 6'5" there's no question about it. I've owned broncos in the past, and I know that, although they're not great at everything, they are still a jack of all trades.

  13. Meh, the Sport is based on the Escape so that is enough for me not to consider one.

    If you want a true offroader get something on a frame.

  14. Bought my 4runner for less than 40k. And performs 50% better. I'd stick with yotas. Plus resale value is 80% better.

  15. Really good video. I enjoyed watching. I have a 4 runner but if I didn't, I would check into getting one of these. Great job.

  16. I’m really impressed with that little Bronco Sport. Seems to be way better off road than anyone thought it would be

  17. As a fan of Subaru, I really hope the bronco sport makes them rethink cars like the forester and Outback. I know this was filmed before the wilderness editions both came out, but I feel like ford could really push Subaru to assess what their cars are made of.

  18. such a good looking little SUV, if not for spotty reliability issues, I am sold.

  19. I had no idea the sport had that much technology in it. I'll stick with my wrangler. All these gadgets are cool but imagine what happens when they break on the trail. And believe me they will. Simple, raw, ready lockers come out good old-fashioned transfer case and tough mudder tires will always win in my book.


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