2021 Ford Bronco Sport Outer Banks | Review

We know the Bronco Sport Badlands is good. But what about the ones with the smaller engine? To find out, we grabbed an Outer …

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  1. All of it sounds amazing except for that 3 cylinder part. That engine will show significant wear by 80k miles convince me I’m wrong. No thanks.

  2. Question, I just got this same car I live in PA you think this car is good for snow? I ask the ford agent and he said yes but I just want to make sure

  3. The thing i learned from youtube is , Never believe Autotrader and Edmunds before buying cars. they are just advertising medium for crappy design.

  4. I have the Outer Banks. Power is non-existent. Hit the gas and it almost feels like the car bogs down for 5 seconds. Sport mode is the only way to drive this if you're going to need to merge quickly, pull out from a shopping center, etc. Transmission almost seems erratic. Slowing down coming to a light, it clunks into a lower gear. Really disappointed. Should have spent more time investigating.

  5. I see no justification to have a 3 cylinder no these vehicles. Maybe on something that cost about 20k, but not 34K

  6. I must ask is Ford aware of the gouging dealerships are practicing. They are adding a $5-$10,000 Market Value Addendum to the Bronco Sport. That means with the

    automatic drop as soon as you purchase you can tack on 10g more for a whopping 20g in the hole before my first mile. With everything else going on in

    this country we have greedy dealers adding this plus the 400% markup on tint and paint protection that they have to put on regardless of if it is special order or not.

    So that is an additional 2g of nonsense. I am calling on a boycott of all Ford products and hope all will join me. Poor Look Ford!!

  7. How to you merge safely on the Interstate with a 3cyl. 1.5 liter engine? Why Ford, why? Might as well buy a Fiat 😉

  8. Say, what would be the best way to get bf t/a ko2 on this outer banks? Stock rim is 18 . That means LT 255/55r/18 bf t/a ko2 . Or put on 17 7.5 rims and go with 245/65r/17 ‘s … what’s your opinion ?

  9. Maybe it's ok while it's brand new, but this is a piece of shit that will fall apart before you get to 100k miles.

  10. 3 banger? Experience tells me a 3 cylinder will not last 75,000 miles w/o requiring $$$$$ for repair. If Ford would offer a similar warranty like Hyundai/Kia, I'd consider it.

  11. Super disappointed with a vehicle that doesn't even earn the Bronco 2 name, let alone Bronco. Ford missed a huge opportunity here with the reintroduction not by miles, but by continents…. it's almost as if the most american auto maker doesn't want to succeed.
    I've owned dozens of Ford's… purchased 13 Brand New in my life. None NEW OR USED since 2007. FORD? ARE YOU LISTENING?


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