2021 Ford Bronco Sport Review | First Impression of Ford's Newest 4×4 SUV | Driving, Interior & More

2021 Ford Bronco Sport prices, reviews and pictures: https://edmu.in/3nZmb8K 2021 Ford Bronco prices, reviews and pictures: …

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  1. When your pulled over and "searched" they wont find your guns hidden in that compartment in the bottom of the seat

  2. I must ask is Ford aware of the gouging dealerships are practicing.  They are adding a $5-$10,000 Market Value Addendum to the Bronco Sport. That means with the
    automatic drop as soon as you purchase you can tack on 10g more for a whopping 20g in the hole before my first mile.  With everything else going on in
    this country we have greedy dealers adding this plus the 400% markup on tint and paint protection that they have to put on regardless of if it is special order or not.

  3. Would have liked to see how it does in the winter. Lots of snow here in Nor Cal. With no 4 low, am I gonna be able to get up my driveway in 3 feet of snow?

  4. Bad review overall. People are really testing the sport and it’s surprising many. This was barely even tested.

  5. This channel is very bias against Ford products is why I seldom watch their content and seem to have “girly men” doing the reviewing.

  6. Not including GPS is a benefit. We'll all use Apple or Android anyways. Why pay for the terrible car manufacture GPS old dates systems?

  7. Count how many times you use the word pretty. Look up the definition and you will find you are using the word as a filler for a lack of a better choice.

  8. Why do the new Broncos i keeps seeing out on the street look way less cool than all the build up videos? It looks so small out in the wild.

  9. Took a Badlands edition for a test drive yesterday. I was looking for something that had better road manners, gas mileage, & interior electronics than the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JKU I own. I had also recently test driven a 2021 Mazda CX-5 GTR turbo AWD. I thought the Bronco Sport was much faster & more fun to drive than either one. Here are some of my observations:
    I am 5' 10" and the rear legroom when I have the front seat adjusted for my height was adequate. However, when exiting the back seats, the area that you have to swing your legs through to get out is very small. I could definitely see the area around the door sill getting scuffed & scratched over time if used frequently. The amount of area that the rear windshield wiper cleans is laughably small. Visibility directly to the rear is adequate but to either side in the rear was hampered by the thick rear pillars. The lack of rear USB ports was disappointing.

    I was very happy that somebody finally covered both the rear cargo area & the backs of the rear seats with rubber/vinyl for protection. Trying to keep these areas that are fabric in my Wrangler clean is a chore. I once carried two bales of hay…. once!
    I would have liked to see black leather as an option over just the two-tone brown.
    I noticed the display on the one I drove had 10.7 average MPG? Not sure what that's about….? Having said all that I may still get one…

  10. Is it true that Ford has big engine noise play thru the sound system to hide the anemic 3 cylinder engine from the driver? Scotty KIlmer is reporting this on his site.

  11. honestly love it, probably going to get one tomorrow. I'm a city slicker who occasionally likes to get dirty and I like a tougher aesthetic than my coworkers EVs. It's right up my alley.

  12. Was it mentioned it's built in Mexico, or did I just miss it? I mean why wouldn't that be mentioned? After all it's another piece of Ford (now synonymous with the other four letter word).

  13. For all the overreacting babies who don’t know how to read

    This isn’t the actual bronco, this isn’t the actual bronco, this isn’t the actual bronco,this isn’t the actual bronco, this is the bronco sport,this isn’t the actual bronco,this isn’t the actual bronco, the actual broncos are two door and four door body on frame solid axle suvs coming for MODEL YEAR:2021 just incase you guys haven’t read


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