2021 Ford Everest Sport 4×2 AT Review | Behind the Wheel

This is Ford’s Sportiest midsize SUV to date, the 2021 Ford Everest Sport is here on this episode of Behind a Wheel. Equipped …

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  1. I regularly watch CarWow and DougDemuro and other bunch of car review channels and I have to say , this guy does amazing reviews, he does in depth and is engaging to watch cuz of his light humor every now and then.. Keep it up, your style is awesome.

  2. Proud to have the Everest(Endeavour) in India. Its a 3.2L 5cyl 4x4AT. Pushes 235ps(200ps stock) with aftermarket re-map. Fuel efficiency however is just 10km/l but I think its great for 2.5T vehicle.

  3. I have a Ford Ranger with 10-speed, same trans as this one. Most people think that it will go through all the 10 gears, but it will actually skip gears depending on your speed/rpm/load, etc. Also, there is a feature where you can lock gears, like only allow 1-3 (disallow >4), useful when you are going down a mountain to save on the brakepads. You can also go into sport mode, that way you can lock on the lower gears.

  4. sir i just wanna ask if it's true that ford everest sport is heavy to drive the way you look at it? yan po kasi mostly isasabi nila when it comes sa ford everest sport or titanium kasi pag nakita mo siya sa personal it looks heavy daw po? please notice my comment po this one is also one of my list for having my first car. Please notice my comment po your long time subscriber. God bless!

  5. I love how Caco is actually trying to be fair with the Everest by trying to say things like "but the Montero only sits on an 8-speed automatic transmission" to make people see it's worth.

    But the downside is, enthusiasts and those who are in this industry knows how that "advanced" 10-speeder can actually be problematic at times. Not to mention the lack of telescopic steering adjustment in a 2021 mid-size SUV.

    So yeah, personal preference at the end of the day but the Everest being a segment leader was long gone IMHO.

  6. by looking at the ceiling, I notice they removed the Active Noise Cancellation on newer model. they're should be mics around the ceiling for there active noise cancellation. but saw none in the video. still a great suv tho.


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