2021 Ford F-150 Powerboost Hybrid | Review

The quickest and most powerful version of the 2021 Ford F-150 not wearing a Raptor badge is the one they call Powerboost.

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  1. The shifter is the main reason I won’t go over an XLT trim. I must have the shifter on the column an absolute must! I purchased an 21 XLT with the 302A trim and for me it has everything I need. Plus, with the work surface It can be accessed at anytime,the shifter is not an issue.

  2. Does it use both gasoline and electric when on cruise control? The Kia Nero switches to gasoline only when on cruise control.

  3. As stated in this video, trucks in general, regardless of brand, are INSANELY, CRAZILY, priced. Because most manufacturers are not making sedans, they've moved their price focus to trucks and SUV's. I recently viewed a Ford F150 Limited at $81K…..NOT HAPPENING!

  4. Everyone seems to miss the fact that having that shifter with the work surface prevents you from having a laptop out while driving. The shifter is there because people like having a physical shifter. Ford is listening to their customers. Also why do you think it’s going to break? An item like that can easily be made to function hundreds of thousands of times. Basic engineering guys

  5. I really wish ford would've allowed customers to add the max recline seats to the lariat trim… No way am i spending that much extra money on the limited or king ranch, but god would those seats be so sick!

  6. This is actually faster than the Raptor. Does 0-60 MPH in 5.0 secs flat which beats the Raptor’s 5.1 sec time by a hair. There are multiple drag race videos on YT showing this PowerBoost beating the Raptor, Silverado 6.2L, and Ram 1500.

  7. This guy looks like my cousin lol wtf but yeah I’d prefer a good old fashioned column shifter

  8. Re-do your intro. I don't know who thought it was cool, but it's not. That fast zoom-in/zoom-out/scene change is just this side of nausea-inducing.

  9. Ford claims their study shows customers don't want shifter dials or buttons on their F-150. They want a console shifter. I'd take my chances with that breaking. Doesn't appear to be very complicated.

  10. I love the middle row shifter. Makes me feel like I’m driving a sports car. I hope they introduce cheaper models later.

  11. Love the power folding shifter.
    Wouldn't own a truck w/o a floor shifter & love the work center.
    Ford designed this truck with me in mind.
    Makes sense since I buy 1 per yr lol.

  12. Everyone complaining about the shifter just buy the XL or XLT with a column shifter. Problem solved

  13. Wow you can see the future! It’s gimmicky and will break? How the heck can you say that at this point? I like it muck better than a rotary dial or column shifter (that would get in the way of seeing your screen. I guess that’s why they made it for people like me, not you. You know people who actually spend their money and buy the truck instead of well being a putz. Over all your review is fair but come on man think about why they did what they did instead of talking out your wrong oriface

  14. Dude doesn’t like the button controlled power folding shifter because it may eventually break…so he suggests a rotary dial shifter instead…yeah, that can’t break.

  15. QUESTION : If you LOWERED the SHIFT LEVER to use the work surface ; then , needed to drive away , and after you closed the work surface ,
    the SHIFT LEVER REFUSED to raise up , are you stuck – unable to drive away ?

  16. Focus group: We like the workstation but we also want a console shifter.
    Ford engineering: How about a fold away shifter?
    Focus group: Brilliant! Don’t see anything going wrong with that.

  17. Your right about the shifter to gimmicky and seems like after a couple years depends on how much you use it it will break


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