2021 Ford F-150 POWERBOOST Review – INCREDIBLE!

2021 Ford F-150 review by The Straight Pipes. The Ford F-150 is pumping out 430hp and 570 lb-ft tq from a 3.5L Ecoboost Hybrid …

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  1. You failed to mention the 3.5 ecoboost water pump is driven internally off timing and when it goes bad coolant leaks straight into your oil and engine can be trashed. Talk about how cool that is.

  2. I bought mine back in March. I have the XLT crew cab powerboost with a ton of options. I paid cash on the barrel. $50,600 out the door. I couldn't love this truck more. Buying this was a very smart decision. So many conveniences and the horse power and torque are very impressive.

  3. في الدقيقه 0.13 عند امالة الكشنات والكراسي ،اعتقد ان الأكثر فائده هو تحويلها إلى سرير ، اي الكونسول الوسطي في بعض الأحيان يجب فتحه لكي يكون الفراش ممتدا . وهذا ضروريا.

  4. The shifter is so stupid. They could have just put a small lever or nob out of the way and then you count leave the workspace down all the time. Other than that the truck is great

  5. This review could use an update to cover the Blue Cruise (hands free driving) feature now included with some 2021 F-150 trucks.

  6. Hey boys, could you please talk about numbers on your truck or SUV reviews. We would love to hear the towing, payload numbers according to the trims. Thanks for this video.

  7. the hybrid is far from incredible… I didn't enjoy driving this truck at all. unless you are going to run 1/4 mile races…

  8. They are not gimics, thats pretty silly of you guys to say, could you please just sick to the info on the car.

  9. Thank you, you did a little better then the last video And giving me More information about the F150

  10. People that buy a 70k truck don’t sleep in it… or pull a camper. They already own a vacation home more than likely

  11. “When your done working with the bois, you can have a nap with the bois”
    “I blue myself”
    “When your plugging in your stuff in, with your bois”
    I’m uncomfortable with the atmosphere that we have created on the highway

  12. It's an awesome truck but that folding shifter is just plain stupid. Give us a column shifter and free the space for storage please.

  13. They have reached the pinnacle with 100% ICE only trucks . Electrification is the next logical step which I am not exited about.

  14. im pretty sure the new raptor is gonna have the v8 i think they are calling it the raptor r im not 100% sure but i think it going to have a v8

  15. I hope that Ford-Lincoln brings out the PowerBoost Hybrid Option for the 2022 Refresh of the Lincoln Navigator. If they do, would you guys try to do a review on it?

  16. That fold down shifter is cute. Matches the white claws that come with every purchase. Those hp and the numbers are sweet tho.

  17. It makes zero sense ford doesn't let you use the camera to check your bed/trailer. I'll never understand that. It seems like a great safety feature.


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