2021 Ford F-150 Raptor | MotorTrend First Look

Join Technical Director Frank Markus as he gets an early first look at the new Ford Raptor. Can Ford’s desert machine compete …

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  1. I thought the frame was only different at the rear end to has the 37. You can’t put 837 under a truck that came with 835 I know that. Can you answer that question thanks

  2. So no horsepower upgrade…..no thankyou. 1000 horsepower cyber truck "here i come"………..way to suck ford.

  3. I'm disappointed with the headlight.its headlight was the aggresive facter that make me want one compare to TRX as the TRX looks tame.
    But now ford redesigned the headlight in a lame way.stupid of them might I say.
    There are things that u shouldn't change as it makes the vehicle

  4. Not worth it to pay double just because V8.

    Yea, if you can pay cash for , do it.
    Don’t make an extra loan just because v8.

    I already ordered the 37 performance

  5. Would you advise me to buy the xlt of road fx f150 hybrid or fuel engine only because I am afraid of hybrid problems and we hear that the hybrid if the electric battery fails, that the car cannot work until the hybrid system is repaired. I want your opinion in all sincerity. Thank you for your cooperation

  6. No le duró el gusto ala ram trx la copia de la f150 RAPTOR querer superar ala REYNA RAPTOR con estos adelantos qué le hicieron y con la próxima RAPTOR-R nada qué hacer la ram trx no todo es el motor es la ingeniería performance de Ford por eso es y seguirá siendo la REYNA f150 RAPTOR-R Shelby

  7. No HP & lbs ft Torque #s WHY!? Maybe because there will be hybrid transmission added with an electric motor adding 30-60 HP & 60-120 lbs of torque!?! Plus the the benefits of the added MPG's and 7.2 kilowatt power plugs for overlanding…

  8. hey, can someone provide the bed size details? length, width and height? I am interested in a canopy for my 2020 raptor and would like to know if it can be fitted to a 2021. thanks


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